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24) We hypothesized that supplementation of fermented soy product with isoflavones, to bring the content to approximately that found in the whole bean, would presumably reinforce its functional properties.
for soy products is to increase more than 5% per year to a value of $8.
Overall, across the 68 studies that examined the impact of soy on cholesterol levels, consumption of soy products resulted in a 5 mg/dL (about 3%) reduction in LDL and an 8 mg/dL (about 6%) decrease in triglyceride levels in the populations studied.
SOY PRODUCT DEMAND (million dollars) % Annual Growth Item 1999 2004 2009 04/99 09/04 Soy Product Demand 5703 6755 8650 3.
The problem with soy products is that they just don't taste good to a lot of people," Vodovotz says.
Being somewhat adventurous, and wanting to get some beneficial soy into his diet, he tries some other soy products that might taste better to him--soy shakes and soy protein powders.
Demand for soy products in food markets will be restrained by meager gains in the well-established soybean fats and oils market, When this segment is excluded, growth of 6.
Soy product sales in mainstream grocery stores totaled $418 million in the 12 months ending October 1999, a 45 percent increase from the previous year.
If the FDA goes through with the move, then food makers will no longer be allowed to market soy products with the claim that they can help your heart.
Asian women who eat traditional diets that typically include soy products, have a lower risk for breast cancer than do women in the United States who typically eat few soy products.
com)-- The global dairy and soy products market is witnessing a rapid change in response to the changing purchase patterns and consumer preferences worldwide.