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Synonyms for sow

Synonyms for sow

to put (seeds) into the ground for growth


Synonyms for sow

an adult female hog

Related Words

place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth

place seeds in or on (the ground)

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With the European Pigs Directive up for review shortly, compassion in World Farming is campaigning for a ban on the cruel sow stalls throughout the whole of Europe.
The sow stalls consisted of metal bar frames, built into the concrete floor; 235 cm in length and 60 cm in width with a gate at both ends.
Sow stalls have been completely banned in the UK since 1999 and the new law will prevent them being used for the majority of the animal's pregnancy.
In contrast the UK pig industry adheres to one of the strictest welfare standards in Europe, with sow stalls being banned in 1999 and an estimated third of pigs born outside.
Britain made sow stalls illegal in 1999 but 60 per cent of our pork comes from countries such as Denmark, Holland and Germany, where the pens are still in use.
Experts warn the cost will rocket by 20% as supplies of pork plummet and farmers forced to axe sow stalls go out of business.
A EU-wide ban on sow stalls, where pigs are farmed in cages, is expected to lead to a cut in production by between five and 10 per cent.
From the beginning CCFA concentrated on laying hens in battery cages and pigs in sow stalls. "Battery" cages are so named because row upon row of cages are stacked high, in "batteries." An estimated 95 percent of laying hens in Canada are confined in barren cages so small they cannot stretch a wing, perch, dust bathe, or nest-an important behavior for hens prior to egg-laying.
June 18 2010 - Intentionally or not, the Tasmanian Government's decision today to go it alone in bringing forward a ban on sow stalls, three years ahead of the rest of Australia, would destroy the Tasmanian pork industry's competitiveness, the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) said today.
The celebrity chef has condemned the use of the metal sow stalls.
THE majority of EU member states are still not fully compliant with the partial sow stalls ban nearly a month after it came into force, according to new figures.
The ministers will also be briefed on the ban on sow stalls - in force since 1 January - which at least ten member states have failed to implement.
"As with the battery hens, there are serious concerns now that the EU-wide ban on sow stalls that will come into force next January will not be fully implemented by all member states in time, damaging the competitiveness of those producers who already comply with the improved animal welfare rules," George Lyon (ALDE, UK) said commenting on the vote.
Sheldon's comments followed recent announcements by some of America's largest fast-food companies, including McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's, along with retail giant Safeway, that they would shift away from producers using sow stalls.
Since January 1999, UK pig farms have been the only ones in Europe where sow stalls and tethers are banned (stalls and tethers restrict the animal's movement).