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Die Saugetiere der Sovietunion. Band I: Paarhufer und Unpaarhufer.
But since Turkey was one of the big losers of the East-West-conflict - Turkey lost its strategic importance for Western countries as a direct neighbor to the former Sovietunion - the EU countries perceived Turkey as a mediator between Europe, the Near East region and Asia as well as a bridgebuilder to the Islamic world.
program called IBEX, a $500 million electronic and photographic surveillance project for intelligence collecting in the region, including the SovietUnion. From the start IBEX was plagued with corruption and cloaked with intrigue.
On 25 November1945, Robeson argued to the Central Conference of American Rabbis thatsuch a future was both desirable and possible since, "The SovietUnion stands today as a concrete demonstration that it is possible toabolish completely, and in a very short time, long-established habits ofdiscrimination and oppression based upon differences of race, creed,color and nationality." (21) (Robeson's emphasis).
Europe's politicians may have balked at the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan - describing the SovietUnion as an "evil empire"was not the typical language of diplomacy - but he was a communicative genius who fascinated even those he appalled.