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the government of the Soviet Union

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Far to the east, the Soviets and then the Russians dumped radioactive waste from the Russian Pacific Fleet into the Sea of Japan until 1995, despite protests from the Japanese government.
Frederick Starr, chairman of the Central Asia/Caucuses Institute at Johns Hopkins University, notes that some of the environmental concern now expressed in Russia about various pipeline routes is disingenuous, considering the Soviets' own role in polluting the Sea.
The choreography, although a fair remove from any Soviet version and much fuller, is not all that different from that used by Britain's Royal Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, or the New York City Ballet.
It was the Parliament that granted Yeltsin emergency powers, facilitated the creation of unaccountable administrative bodies, replaced elected officials with appointees, undermined the rights of local Soviets, and created the office of the president of Russia with unlimited authority.
The rapid transfiguration of what was formerly the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics presents American CPAs with great opportunities, according to William T.
True, the potential is great, but this raises the question: What are the products most likely to sell in the new, free-market society that emerges from the wreckage of the Soviet Union?
Another problem facing the Soviets, which offers enormous opportunities for U.S.
The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) conditionally readmitted the official psychiatric society of the Soviet Union last week, giving a big boost to the imae and prestige of an organization that resigned from the world body six years ago rather than face charges of systematic psychiatric abuse of political dissidents (SN: 2/19/83, p.116).
Forecasters disagree about the long-term prognosis for the Soviet Union, but its continued economic stagnation has generated considerable speculation about a Soviet decline from superpower status.
The Soviets knew that the diversion of the two rivers would cause the Aral to disappear.
In the neoconservative, interpretation Reagan's moral absolutism allowed him to take on the Soviet Union by any means necessary: Because he recognized the supreme danger the Soviets posed, he was willing to challenge it with a massive military buildup.
Angleton, the CIA's chief of counterintelligence, and Alexander Count de Marenches, who headed French intelligence, both saw Golitsyn as an invaluable ally and an indispensable asset in our efforts to understand the Soviets' geopolitical chess game.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is using his country's oil revenue to prop up the Castro regime, much as the Soviets did, and counter Bush-administration policy in Latin America.
The Nazis had fled as the Soviets approached, driving nearly 60,000 prisoners with them in a forced march that killed more than 15,000.