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the government of the Soviet Union

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Comrade Rockstar: The Life and Mystery of Dean Reed, the All-American Boy Who Brought Rock 'n' Roll to the Soviet Union, by Reggie Nadelson, New York: Walker & Company, 352 pages, $14.
Other supposed experts--in Russia and the West--have also expressed surprise and alarm at the apparent resurrection of the dreaded Soviet secret police.
I expected a long, dry exegesis of how recently opened Soviet archives reveal the unappreciated influence of Anatol Gribkov.
Pushing from the east through Poland, soldiers of the Soviet Union's Red Army were the first to see and liberate (free) the camps.
Many believed, however, and rightfully so, that to side with the Soviets could only mean mass death and deportation.
The Free World learned a great deal about the Soviet Navy during the years that followed, and a host of disturbing facts came to light.
The figures given by Krasnaia pechat' indicate a clear preference for those closest to the peasants and in a position to most oppress them--leaders of the village soviets and of volost executive committees, and militiamen.
Thus, Iraq's importance for the Soviets increased even more.
Following WW II, the emergence of the Soviet Union as a nuclear power and the rise of the communist People's Republic of China created the need for a high-altitude aerial reconnaissance aircraft.
The Soviets started dumping waste from reprocessed plutonium into Karachay in the early 1950s, and extreme levels of radiation are still being monitored there.
Despite its pallid music by Boris Asafiev, the style of the ballet is instant drama, showing what the Soviets called "socialist realism," but which was not so far removed from the dance-acting reforms proposed by the pre-Soviet choreographer Michel Fokine at the turn of the century.
The Kuril Islands, seized by the Soviets from the Japanese during World War II, was the scene of the worst slaughter.
Following the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet, the Moscow City Soviet and district Soviets were disbanded.