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an elected governmental council in a communist country (especially one that is a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

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In effect, the Sovietisation project in the seventy years of Soviet rule in Central Asia had accomplished part of its goal: to make people believe that remaining in the Soviet Union was the preferable choice.
Silliman) shows, as a top of an iceberg, the difficulties and dilemmas related to colonialism when analysed from the cultural point of view (as well as, in the case of the studies on communism, important concepts such as Sovietization or totalitarianism also raise multiple problems/ Taking into consideration the complexity and difficulty in themselves of the topics of colonialism and respectively cultural sovietisation (together with the related concepts), the challenge is to see, considering several theories starting with the 1950s and continuing until recently, whether we can speak of a Soviet imperialism and/or colonialism and particularly of their cultural manifestation (discussion applied--in the second part of the analysis--on the case of the late 1940s Romanian culture).
Sovietisation of the Estonian Journalists' Union in 1940 clearly demonstrated whom the new authorities trusted and what they expected from the journalists.
He provides a brisk but instructive account of the Russian conquest of the region from the mid-19th century onwards, the arrival of revolution and the local response to Bolshevism, and the long and painstaking process of Sovietisation that unfurled over the subsequent decades.
A stealthy process of Sovietisation is taking place in Europe.
The Sovietisation of the country, the collectivisation of the land and the systematic atheistic policy brought a fundamental change to their way of life.
LeReformisme musulman en Asie centrale, Du "premierrenouveau" a la sovietisation, 1788-1937, Cahiers du monde russe, vol.
La premiere partie est consacree a la construction de la nation turkmene ; la deuxieme partie etudie la sovietisation du Turkmenistan, ses echecs et les fortes resistances auxquelles elle a donne lieu.
She insists that the previous Chinese experiences of westernisation and Sovietisation had left little space for an appreciation and understanding of China's indigenous pedagogy, or its possibilities for supporting modern educational development.
Writers were not the only ones who were--in the interest of future Sovietisation of Australia--assiduously cultivated, treated at parties at the Consulate General in Sydney and at meals at the best restaurants, invited to all-expenses-paid visits to Czechoslovakia (and other Communist countries).
Il a toutefois ete eclipse, sous l'influence egalement pudique de la christianisation et de la sovietisation, au profit d'une comprehension ludique et competitive du terme : naadaxa s'emploie pour << jouer >> d'un instrument de musique comme aux cartes ou aux echecs, ou dans le cadre de jeux et competitions divers.
Earthquake damage and the ravages of post-Stalin Sovietisation have taken their toll, but what at remains is fundamentally threatened by the same problem that affects the agriculture -- rising damp.
The responsible editor of this book is Jelena Zubkova; we met some years ago in Moscow and Riga, and eight years ago she published a book about the Sovietisation of the Baltic States.
Thus, the installment of the Petru Groza government on 6 March 1945, set the stage for sovietisation.