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Two Years of Wandering describe Dan's peregrinations and travails in Soviet Russia.
By Soviet Russia we mean the Soviet system which, as it is well known, existed from 1917 to 1991.
Most of those discussed in this book visited Soviet Russia just once, and few had made any effort to learn Russian.
British reliance on what would become an increasingly outdated framework, combined with an ingrained anti-Communist mind-set on the part of many British statesmen, proscribed any meaningful accommodation with Soviet Russia, regardless of the security benefits that such collaboration could have provided by the mid-1930s.
As the first defector from Soviet Russia in 1961, he was instantly notorious--the very stuff of gossip.
Balina analyses the texts in terms of their appropriation of elements of traditional fairy tale for political aims, demonstrating how the utopian spaces of folk tale are superseded by Soviet Russia.
Palmer's agents picked up 249 noncitizens of Russian birth, many of whom had lived in this country a long time, put them on a transport, and deported them to Soviet Russia.
After this general survey of Stalin's life and times, there follow five chapters that cover key facets of the development of Soviet Russia, and the cultural revolution aiming to socially modernize Russia, primarily efforts to modernize Russian motherhood between 1917 and 1937.
What strikes Gough, above all, is Benjamin's frantic description of Soviet Russia as a society where, as he wrote, "each thought, each day, each life lies here as on a laboratory table," where "no organism, no organization, can escape [a] process" by which "it must endure experimentation to the point of exhaustion.
While these accusations are not without some substance, recent critics such as Winston James and Mark Solomon provide a more balanced viewpoint, arguing that American communists did not just follow in lock step with Soviet Russia nor were blacks mere pawns of the party.
As noted in our article, the Nixon administration, like its immediate predecessor, lavished aid and trade on both Soviet Russia and Communist China, thereby indirectly promoting the North Vietnamese war effort.
Joseph Stalin had used his sickle, emblem on the red flag of Soviet Russia, to "decapitate Latvia's freedom.
Based entirely on archival material, Church and State in Soviet Russia is a welcomed contribution to the historiography of church-state relations in the Soviet Union.
The great obstacle to this resolution is a system which, measured by the weight of the public sector in savings and investment, has become even more socialist than was Soviet Russia.
The context of Fediaevskys visit to the United States to observe and visit kindergartens and the resulting invitation to American educators to visit the nursery schools and kindergartens of Soviet Russia are described.
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