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formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia

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They show details of training and payments to Piccadilly and of the close links between the Bulgarian secret services and the Soviet KGB over the murder.
We discover in the pilot episode, which sees the pair living in suburbia in 1981 with their two kids, that Phillip and Elizabeth are in fact Soviet KGB agents who have spent the last 15 years pretending to be Americans.
Der Spiegel first reported that the couple had begun spying in Germany for the former Soviet KGB before being arrested last week in the first incident of its kind since the Cold War.
Though court experts said the card appears genuine, the defence maintains it is a fake produced by the Soviet KGB.
Many ex-KGB spies have gone on the record slamming the shoddy and apparently antiquated spy craft of the 10, who were working for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, a successor of the Soviet KGB.
We had been told by the Justice Department that the Russian illegals were part of an ambitious, long-term effort by the SVR, the successor to the Soviet KGB, to plant Russian spies in the United States to gather information and recruit more agents.
"I met somebody who turned out to be a Soviet KGB agent and, according to the FBI, he saw me as someone who would potentially go on into government and possibly journalism and be in position later on to be of use for the Soviets," the New York Daily News quoted Browne, as telling reporters on Tuesday.
The reader is swept along, caught up in the tidal wave of Soviet espionage, captivated by the personalities of the Soviet KGB officials and the American spies..
He was stopped by the Soviet KGB officers still operating in the Vilnius airport.
Lubyanka Square is home to the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the Soviet KGB secret police and still housed in the notorious building where dissidents were interrogated and shot in the Soviet purges.
The senior Powers was held in Soviet custody until 1962, when he was traded for Rudolph Abel, a Soviet KGB agent who had been captured by the United States.
He first claimed he was commissioned to kill the pontiff by Bulgaria on the orders of the Soviet KGB working, of course, directly for the Kremlin.
Nikita Dobin is only 13, but as he guards the dormitory in Moscow's Cadet School Number One, he is already sure of his chosen career: the FSB security service, successor to the Soviet KGB. "It's good here.
The assassination of President Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald takes a new twist with the presentation of PROGRAMMED TO KILL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD, THE SOVIET KGB, AND KENNEDY ASSASSINATION, which tells of a cold war event prompting both sides to cover up the truth.
Programmed to kill; Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy assassination.
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