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Synonyms for sovereignty

Synonyms for sovereignty

the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge

the condition of being politically free

Synonyms for sovereignty

government free from external control

royal authority


the authority of a state to govern another state

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In The sovereignity of good she further discussed Plato's view of otherness but in a metaphorical way, by staging the drama within the mind of a character.
European national governments can no longer exercise economic sovereignity individually, so they must do so together, by having a central banking system and a sense of political unity.
The state exercises its sovereignity upon its own citizens even if they are on the territory of different states (Coman et.
The committee has appreciated the Armed Forces and its efforts for securing and expanding national sovereignity on the entire homeland, indicating the importance of providing the national defense equipments in order to build a modern armed forces that is capable of achieving the national security, and preserve the nations gains.
China's erratic acts to defend its maritime sovereignity in the East and South China Seas are provoking unnecessary display of military prowess among other claimants in the East and South China Seas, according to a report from Linda Jakobson, an independent researcher at Australia's Lowy Institute for International Policy.
Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignity Durham: Duke University Press.
The occupation now demands for a recognition of a Jewish state, a sovereignity over the Jordan Valley and undivided capital of Jerusalem, while going on with the colonial settlement construction in the West Bank.
Germany's dependency on Russian gas could seriously limit Europe's sovereignity," warned Donald Tusk last week.
should Israel extend its sovereignity over Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Chinese Attitudes to International Law: China, the Security Council, Sovereignity, and Intervention," Journal of International Law and Politics Online Forum (July 2012): 3-43.
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Jack Kloppenburg, Impeding dispossession, enabling repossession: Biological open source and the recovery of seed sovereignity, 10 Journal of Agrarian Change 367 (2010).