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Synonyms for sovereignty

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Synonyms for sovereignty

the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge

the condition of being politically free

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Synonyms for sovereignty

government free from external control

royal authority


the authority of a state to govern another state

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In the latest fiasco by multinational corporations in confusing the status of China and Taiwan as separate, sovereign nations on their websites, Italian apparel company Moncler mistakenly listed China as "Republic of China," and itemized Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries.
'Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital,' Trump said.
Still, one could easily argue, without too much cynicism, that declaring something Congress passed into law in 1995 isn't that daring an act, and that the largely symbolic gesture didn't make Jerusalem any more or any less the capital of the sovereign nation of Israel, the whole point of sovereignty, of course, being the ability to determine such matters without anyone else's approval.
PM has stated that war against terrorism in fact is war of our existence as a sovereign nation. Our valiant forces have inflicted huge damage upon terrorist elements but at the same time have rendered huge sacrifices in doing so.
Negotiations should focus solely on attainment of this original sovereign nation status while simultaneously allowing the continuance of free trade until a revised free trade deal is agreed.
I would say this is an entirely prudent and sensible decision of a sovereign nation. Far preferable, I would suggest, to the current state of affairs of a (for now) non-sovereign nation as far as immigrants from the EU are concerned.
Blocher, head of the Committee Against a Creeping EU Entry, told reporters Switzerland could never agree to a pact that let Brussels impose binding EU rules and regulations on a sovereign nation and then have EU courts rule on any disputes that arose.
We are a sovereign nation with a democratically elected government, chosen by the people for the people and our own laws.
Should we leave and the French tear up this treaty, then as a sovereign nation we could simply deport asylum seekers/illegal immigrants to France in accordance with the Geneva convention 1951 under the first safe country principle.
True, Iran is the bad apple of this imaginary universe, but it does in no way give any justification to the regime changers to bomb another sovereign nation just because they can.
After this long period of big power subjugation, the Afghan people should rise and show to the world that they are an independent and sovereign nation and that they cannot allow others to take strategic advantage of their land.
You know because we did invade a sovereign nation that we'd never had an angry word with," Crowe ( said .
aThis is an independent and sovereign nation that should not be attacked, no matter whether we like its leader or not,a he declared.
Do you think in Sydney Australia, for example, they would give over 50 acres of their downtown and allow a sovereign nation to be tax free and have a monopoly on gaming while their own people had no rights to operate gaming and had to compete and pay high taxes?
Is Taiwan a sovereign nation or a province of the People's Republic of China?
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