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an estimate, based on previous dealings, of a person's or an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments

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At the same time, the long-term local currency sovereign credit rating was lowered to 'BB+' from 'BBB-' and the short-term local currency sovereign credit rating was lowered to 'B' from 'A-3'.
On Friday, S&P lowered Bahrain's foreign and local currency sovereign credit rating from B+ to BB-.
CDB Leasing is the only leasing arm of the China Development Bank and a company in China's leasing industry that has been engaged in aircraft, infrastructure, ship, commercial vehicle and construction machinery leasing and enjoys a Chinese sovereign credit rating.
On the contrary, the sovereign credit ratings are threatened by a possible persistence of the shock in the diamond sector that could result in a much weaker economic growth and a significant deterioration in external position over the next 12-18 months.
BEIRUT: Economists predicted a further downgrade of Lebanon's sovereign credit rating in 2016, noting that the GDP growth could reach 0.
30 January 2013 : Fitch cuts Egypt's sovereign credit rating to B from B+.
Sovereign credit ratings, which are indications on the government's ability to repay obligations, are used by investors as proxies for the strength and stability of the local economy.
He added: "In our view Fitch will upgrade Ireland's sovereign credit rating one notch to A- from BBB+ in connection with its review of Ireland today on the back of the improving outlook for public finances, stronger growth and a more resilient banking sector.
FRIDAY morning saw the FTSE 100 Index lose ground as news was released that one of the major rating agencies has downgraded France's sovereign credit rating to AA.
MUMBAI -- Standard and Poor's maintains its negative outlook on India's BBB- sovereign credit rating, the rating agency told to agencies last week.
Fitch Ratings has warned Kuwait that despite boasting strong financials, its sovereign credit rating is under pressure because of increasing unrest in the country.
Another ratings agency, Standard & Poor's, lowered France's unsolicited long-term sovereign credit rating to 'AA+' from 'AAA' in January.
Tokyo, Ramadan 24, 1432, Aug 24, 2011, SPA - Stocks in Tokyo fell in Wednesday morning trading on weak US economic data and a downgrade in Japan's sovereign credit rating by Moody's Investors Service.
sovereign credit rating because their businesses and assets are highly concentrated in the U.
Standard & Poor's would be happy to issue a sovereign credit rating for the United Arab Emirates, its head of sovereign ratings for Europe, the Middle East and Africa said, but transparency and disclosure were key requisites.