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the total of the nation's debts: debts of local and state and national governments

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Discussions include appropriate strategies for sovereign debt management, drawing on lessons learned in Africa and other regions of the world.
The parties also have to resolve the issue of unsolicited sovereign debt ratings.
Head of said union Adnan Qassar gave a word during the event, necessitating more coordination among Arab countries as concerning commercial, financial and tax policies, creating job opportunities for youth in these countries and ameliorating their livelihood situation, in order to face the accumulation of sovereign debts resulting from the world economic crisis of 2008.
The report pointed out that the sovereign debt crisis started in Greece, then spread to Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy and this crunch hampered the Eurozone economic credibility and increased likelihood of a new global recession.
My view is, the potential recapitalisation will not sort out the issue of confidence in the sovereign debt.'
The single European currency also drew buying on news that Wang Yong, a professor at the People's Bank of China's training institute, said in a Chinese daily that China should expand its purchases of eurozone sovereign debt and should increase direct investment in Europe, dealers said.
Global Banking News-January 28, 2011--Merkel and Ackermann differ on how to deal with sovereign debt crisis(C)2011 ENPublishing -
Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf pointed out that the Kingdom is among the most financially reliable nations for being able to meet its financial committments and sovereign debts, citing C.M.A.
To define 'which sovereign debts are repayable or illegitimate, and how debtors and creditors should be treated as a result', Hertz proposes a method of mediation through what she calls National Regeneration Trusts.
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