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Synonyms for souvenir


Synonyms for souvenir

something that causes one to remember

Synonyms for souvenir

a reminder of past events


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'There was also a revision of the language to reduce ambiguities; specifically, the replacement of 'craft, visual arts and souvenirs' with 'craft products,' he added.
Gabor also noted that the country is also losing out on potential exports due to the lack of souvenirs in some destinations.
The new line of souvenirs coincides with the shark-themed exhibition being held at the NMMBA.
I probably have enough souvenirs from Marbella to open a museum in a box somewhere - I just don't like to think about how much they've all cost me over the years." You can book your slothere.
Khayyat said there was greater awareness about souvenirs than before.
Shangar, said he found the collection of souvenirs amusing, admitting he would consider buying a souvenir from the range as a Christmas gift.
The players were accused of pilfering some items from the hotel room, however, according to the management and players the things they took were kept in the room as souvenirs for the players.
The father of the concept is Richard Faille, creator of popular French currency souvenirs, who in 2015 decided to create euro banknotes promoting tourism.
A TINY shop selling souvenirs made by local artists is opening in Newcastle city centre, just metres away from its sister store.
A Dutch man was investigated after stealing PyeongChang Olympic souvenirs, including mascot dolls, at Incheon International Airport, police said Wednesday.
Summary: Mohammad Bin Zayed orders Naturalisation Departments across the country to give out "You Country, Your Responsibility" souvenirs
Citizens and residents thronged the venue in large numbers on Friday to buy special souvenirs, dresses and food items prepared as part the QND celebrations.
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (SZGMC) extends the open-call to the public for submissions of souvenirs from Mecca, to be displayed in the upcoming exhibition, 'Hajj: Memories of a Journey'.
There has been a surge in demand for mementos, souvenirs and other gift items bearing Qatari themes and images of major landmarks in the country, spurred by a wave of patriotic fervour triggered by the economic and diplomatic boycott by some Gulf Arab states.
Peter's Square and seized a cache of Vatican souvenirs and trinkets, including flags, bracelets and key rings bearing Pope Francis' image.