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French expressionist painter (born in Lithuania) (1893-1943)

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Sixty-six years later we encounter Rose in Los Angeles, now a chic, no-nonsense woman attending the wake of a friend, Joseph, who acquired her family's lost Soutine after it mysteriously turned up in New York.
laws," in Soutine's case, "of his father, a pious Jew, a
Additionally, Ryan comments on many in Miller's orbit, including Nin ("her mind dared to venture out into the dangerous areas of absolute creation, even of madness"), Reichel ("extraordinary turbulence"), Perles ("started every new day from scratch"), Soutine ("a mysterious penumbrous figure walking alone"), and others.
Many of his works look even more spectral and ghostly when placed next to the warmer, fleshier offerings of Soutine and Rembrandt.
Southern Africa will be home to 29% of Soutine's assets, a motley collection of coal, manganese and aluminium facilities that failed to bed in at BHP following its mega-merger with South African miner Billiton in 2001.
Artist records were set for Chaim Soutine, Peter Doig and Jean Dubuffet, whose 'Paris Polka' fetched $24.8 million, more than tripling the old mark.
(8) We know, for instance, that she was familiar with the work of Leland Bell, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Georges Rouault, and Chaim Soutine from a 1955 letter about a one-man exhibition by Leland Bell.
Also included are original works of art and prints signed by Kurt Schwitters, Chaim Soutine, Sam Francis, Victor Vasarely, Ida Kohlmeyer, Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Keith Haring, Miro, Erte, Bruce Barnard, Henri Rovel, Kauffman, Felix La Bisse, Michael Flohr, Andy Warhol, P.
No entanto, uma versao discordante da conta da venda de duas telas de artistas contemporaneos: Modigliani e Soutine, como meio para obter os recursos para a aquisicao.
Letters plugging the exhibition addressed to the Jewish Daily Forward in New York and the Day in Connecticut noted, "Zygmunt Menkes is considered along with [Chaim] Soutine and [Marc] Chagall as one of the most important of living Jewish artists.
Subraya la estrecha vinculacion de Valle con los expresionistas y senala sus paralelos con Luces, en especial a traves de las multiples transmisiones sensoriales envilecedoras de ambientes y personajes contenidas en las acotaciones descriptivas, con frecuencia hechas a la violenta manera de los cuadros de pintores de este movimiento estetico, varios de ellos reproducidos aqui (Munch, Soutine, Kokoschka, Schiele...) en ilustraciones tan hermosas como apropiadas.
For some reason, even in the thirties--the years when the Surrealism of Picasso, Masson, Ernst, and others progressed from "enfant terrible" to "bon ton" in Paris--Israeli artists preferred to hang on to the Expressionism of the Paris Jewish school and assiduously eschewed all elements of Surrealism, preferring Soutine's style to surreal Picasso, not to mention their rejection of Dali and even of Marc Chagall--to whom some ascribe Surrealism, although Chagall is, at best, surrealist-like.
In the end, his collection featured 44 paintings by Pablo Picasso, 178 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 60 by Henri Matisse, and a vast collection of work by Rousseau, Soutine, Degas, Seurat, and van Gogh.