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English poet and friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge (1774-1843)

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The core banks are in a 'Catch 22', they can't all sell out at their desired price, whilst applying usual lending criteria is fraught with the risk that markets worsen and they are left holding the bag," Southey said.
His focus is predominantly on selected works by William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey, Thomas Moore and Felicia Hemans.
Fagan's barrister, Hugh Southey QC, told London's high Court his client was desperate to return to his roots in Lanarkshire, Scotland, but that authorities there objected due to concerns about the welfare of members of his own family.
En Junio de 1794, a la edad de 22 anos, el joven Samuel Taylor Coleridge, estudiante de la universidad de Cambridge, se encontro con Robert Southey, estudiante de la universidad de Oxford, ambos tenian aspiraciones poeticas y eran radicales en conceptos religiosos y politicos, lo que con facilidad les condujo a simpatizar con el experimento republicano frances.
The work and literary accomplishments of Caroline Bowles Southey established her significance as a poet in the Romantic tradition as well as contemporary culture.
29) This poem, and Pushkin's interest in Southey more generally, have received comparatively little attention, overshadowed as they are by the poet's more extensively-researched debt to Byron.
Although Robert Southey is less well known today than many of his contemporaries, he enjoyed a literary reputation equal to that of Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Shelley during his lifetime.
In the 1840 letter, Wordsworth gives advice to fellow poet Robert Southey.
She describes such aspects of this early Celtic revival as textual fidelity and critical failure, nostalgia and incorporation in Thomas Gray and Robert Southey, re-imaging the Druid, and Eisteddfodau.
Like many poets and writers, Southey sought to fashion a view of his life that he could present to others and that he might learn to believe himself.
Ian Thomas, who restored the 27-foot yawl Killala, has located an article, written by the yacht's then owner, Norman Southey, of a remarkable voyage from Hobart to Sydney in 1927.
Particularly illuminating is his detailed examination of Southey and Wordsworth in debate, as it were, in the 1790s over the significations of the social casualties of war and the way in which in 'The Sailor's Mother' Southey 'writes history back into the Lyrical Ballads' (p.
In addition to tantric sex lover Amadu Sowe, busy Billie, 23, is dating actor Alastair Southey and TV comic David Walliams.
Eliot, with the eighteenth century in mind: and few poets better illustrate the truth of his insight than Robert Southey (1774-1843).