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English poet and friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge (1774-1843)

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Walmsley, it should be noted, along with several prominent Globers, all male, reacted to public criticism of Southey by slagging her.
But Mr Southey also said on the night there had been "ineffective communication" between management and security staff from Phoenix Security, which provided security on the doors at Missoula and other nearby venues.
A spokeswoman for Clarion Housing Group said on Tuesday: "Since the lift at Southey Court has been out of action we have been working closely with our contractors to source the part required to fix it.
Mr Southey added: "The decision apparently has been withdrawn and there's no [new] decision as to whether there's sufficient merit in a prosecution."
His version wasn't published until 1837, but it's easy to see why Southey's time at Burton Cottage was influential.
"The core banks are in a 'Catch 22', they can't all sell out at their desired price, whilst applying usual lending criteria is fraught with the risk that markets worsen and they are left holding the bag," Southey said.
The plays are adapted by director Judy Smith from classic original tales by Robert Southey and Charles Perrault.
Significant cultural commentators, such as Robert Southey and Francis JefFery came to be regarded as experts within the specialised field of reviewing travel writing.
Thavisha Peiris, 25, was stabbed to death in the Southey area of Sheffield last Sunday night.
He was found with stab wounds in Southey Crescent, Southey, Sheffield at 10.30pm, on Sunday.
Born on January 13, 1919, in Southey, Sask., Edna Fairweather moved in 1932 with her parents, Letitia May (Foster) and William Stewart Fairweather and sister, Grace, to Killam, Alta.
Fagan's barrister, Hugh Southey QC, told London's high Court his client was desperate to return to his roots in Lanarkshire, Scotland, but that authorities there objected due to concerns about the welfare of members of his own family.
En Junio de 1794, a la edad de 22 anos, el joven Samuel Taylor Coleridge, estudiante de la universidad de Cambridge, se encontro con Robert Southey, estudiante de la universidad de Oxford, ambos tenian aspiraciones poeticas y eran radicales en conceptos religiosos y politicos, lo que con facilidad les condujo a simpatizar con el experimento republicano frances.
(4) The examples to be considered here are the 1815 "The Dreamer" ("Mechtatel"), "Yet One More High, Solemn Song" ("Eshche odnoi vysokoi vazhnoi pesni")--Pushkin's 1829-30 translation of a fragment of the English Lake Poet Robert Southey's 1797 poem "Hymn to the Penates"--the short 1830 poem "The Work" ("Trud"), and, finally, the use of an image from Southey's "Hymn to the Penates" in one of the stanzas removed from the fragmentary appendix to Eugene Onegin, "Onegin's Journey," composed between 1825 and 1830.
The work and literary accomplishments of Caroline Bowles Southey established her significance as a poet in the Romantic tradition as well as contemporary culture.