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an American who lives in the South

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In chapter 1, the author provides an overview of Southerners and US foreign relations from 1789 to 1973, the subject of another monograph Fry published in 2002.
Nowadays I would be desperate to keep southerners away from my home town which, after 40 years of Kirklees' rule, has been degraded into a dump which represents confirmation of all that they believe the north to be.
Mohammed Al-Maslami, a leading figure in the Southern Movement, said: "the ones who represent the southerners are those who stand by them and raise their demands.
Southerners once assured of God's providence now questioned their role in the divine drama, and those who had fully imbibed the hermeneutic of literalism now returned to scripture for comfort and vindication.
Even though Mormon missionaries did not widely teach the practice of polygamy in the South, Southerners were obsessed with it.
Ayman Mohammad, who is also an editor of a local newspaper in Aden, said that the southerners who agreed to join the dialogue are representing themselves.
Altar Press, the self-proclaimed provider of "strategic attire for the liturgical Southerner," has released a T-shirt that they hope will appeal to Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, and Catholics from the South.
The International Organisation for Migration, or IOM, says a convoy of 12 river barges carrying more than 3,000 southerners left the town of Kosti on Monday, bound for South Sudan's capital, Juba.
Some northerners can be prejudiced against southerners; southerners against northerners; rich against poor; poor against rich; white against black; black against white; Catholics against Protestants; Protestants against Catholics.
We have all packed up but cannot go because we heard the roads are closed," said a man in his 30s, trying to escape the scorching heat with fellow Southerners under a tent next to piles of desks, bed frames and mattresses in Wad al-Bashir camp.
donations and gearing up activities to help repatriate displaced southerners
There are many Southerners like me who have relocated up here and possibly many more will follow.
An official with the United Nations has said that 143,000 southerners have arrived in south Sudan since the end of October 2010 forSunday's referendum, which could result in the country's partition.
Summary: Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir told southerners during a visit to Juba on Tuesday he would celebrate the result of Sunday's referendum on southern independence.