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an American who lives in the South

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Instead, reconciliation involved coming to terms with what it meant to be a postwar southerner.
Owners and operators Trudy Horne and Carolyn Sewell are confident that their product--which will soon be joined by more items--will resonate with the liturgical Southerners.
Some northerners can be prejudiced against southerners; southerners against northerners; rich against poor; poor against rich; white against black; black against white; Catholics against Protestants; Protestants against Catholics.
We have all packed up but cannot go because we heard the roads are closed," said a man in his 30s, trying to escape the scorching heat with fellow Southerners under a tent next to piles of desks, bed frames and mattresses in Wad al-Bashir camp.
South Sudanese people will lose the right to be citizens in north Sudan if their region votes for independence in a referendum, the Information Minister Kamal Mohamed Obeid said, raising fears for southerners living in northern settlements, Reuters reported.
I am 76 years old, I have lived in the South nearly all of my life, and I have never heard any authentic Southerner say "you all" when they meant only one person.
But an argument could be made that geography is important and that Democrats should still consider a Southerner for their nomination.
Ken Connor, president of the Family Research Council, a conservative group, and a Southerner himself, says, "Southerners by nature tend to be more conservative fiscally.
Many a Southern business person has taken absolute delight in convincing others that taking advantage of a Southerner is an easy task.
AS a southerner born in Stevenage, it is not in my nature to gloat over Stevenage's win against Newcastle United in the FA Cup, but over the years I have had to read anti-southern garbage in Voice of the North.
As a southerner who has lived up here for 25 years, I am angry they have dared to express their views on the south.
Two weeks after Bloody Sunday, emboldened by their faith in God and the support of a white southerner in the Oval Office, Dr.
The 37-year-old Oliver, who majored in political philosophy at the University of Georgia, has a master's degree in economics from Virginia's George Mason University, where he studied under another Southerner, Nobel laureate James Buchanan.