Southern Triangle

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a small bright constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Circinus and Apus

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The towns of the southern triangle, like the Negev constantly suffer from the scarcity of construction land the inability to expand flat construction, not having structural building map since 1963.
A line drawn from the Pointers through the Southern Triangle (Triangulum Australe, labelled "TrA") and extended points the way to Peacock, the brightest star in Pavo.
For the four node we always end on MARS no matter how we start and on the eight node we always are trapped in the SOUTHERN TRIANGLE however the tour starts.
To vigorously promote the triangle idea as an effective marketing tool for domestic and international visitors and encourage corporate tourists to come to Aqaba, do their business here, and enjoy its diversity, has become one of the strategic objectives of ASEZA "Tourists coming to Aqaba can get 'three destinations in one,' and all within easy reach of one another, and that surely must be a touristic bargain," stresses Head of the Tourism Division at ASEZA, Ghassan Nasser, who together with a fully-fledged team is implementing the campaign to promote the southern triangle.
in particular illuminates what Tindall explored so thoroughly in many of his writings - the Southern triangle of political culture: Bourbonism, Populism, and Progressivism.
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