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Synonyms for Sesotho

the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho


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Form, Content and Technique of Traditional Literature in Southern Sotho Pretoria: Sigma Press.
The South African Bantu languages can further be classified in terms of different sub-groupings: Nguni (consisting of Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and Swati), Sotho (consisting of Southern Sotho, Northern Sotho and Tswana), and a pair that falls outside these sub-families (Tsonga and Venda).
While the Nguni languages and Northern Sotho use--ba, Southern Sotho uses--na and--ba, Ndonga--li and Herero--ri.
Johns Apostolic Church, founded by MaNku (a woman), in the 1930s, also works among the northern and southern Sotho, Zulu, and Xhosa.
Xhosa, which used to be the largest linguistic entity, decreased from 20,23% to 17,16%, mainly as a result of language shift; and Southern Sotho decreased from 7,46 to 6,84%.
The first important writer from what is now Lesotho, who created Western-style novels in the Southern Sotho language.
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