Rocky Mountains

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the chief mountain range of western North America

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CBD claims existing recovery plans for wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains and upper Midwest are out of date and apply to a small fraction of the wolf's historic range, and urges that wolf populations be established in suitable habitat in the Pacific Northwest, California, Great Basin, southern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and New England.
Mecca for hikers A Mecca for hikers, birders and riders, the monument, at the intersection of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts, and the southern Rocky Mountains and northern Sierra Madre in Mexico, also represents one of the premier areas for biological diversity in the northern hemisphere.
Very gradually, the world opened up to the people living in las vegas, "the meadowlands," where the southern Rocky Mountains descend to meet the Plains.
He wrote and published three trail guides on the southern Rocky Mountains.
If it were ever determined that wolves should be reintroduced into the southern Rocky Mountains, then the Vermejo would provide the TESF a great opportunity to advance wolf recovery, a central feature of the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project.
is a widespread species common to the montane and subalpine forests of the southern Rocky Mountains where it has traditionally been considered a seral species (Mueggler, 1985).
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