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Ranger, T (1967), Revolt in Southern Rhodesia 1896-7: A study in African resistance.
Compare these hazards with those on Barker Avenue, the street in the town of Mutare in the Eastern Highlands of Southern Rhodesia, where I lived as boy between the ages of seven and twelve.
Initially, during the process of the occupation of Southern Rhodesia, the settlers used names to convey the message about their intention to occupy the country, and that they were not coming in peace.
Migration to Southern Rhodesia was thus suspected to be a ploy by Afrikaner leaders to settle a significant number of Afrikaners in the territory with the motive of dominating it over time.
Another former MP who would probably feel sympathies for David's stance would be his predecessor John Stonehouse, who was hounded out of Southern Rhodesia in the 1950s by the colonial government run by Sir Roy Welensky, who was opposed to any type of criticism and opposition.
Since Zimbabwe has been in the headlines so much recently, this is a timely book, dealing as it does with Sir Garfield Todd (1909-2002), who was awarded a Knight Bachelor of the Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986, began his life as a missionary in Africa in 1934, becoming, according to this book, the first missionary to become a head of state when he became Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia (as Zimbabwe was then known) in 1953.
The couple eked out a meager living on a dusty maize farm in colonial Southern Rhodesia, haunted by memories of violence and suffering.
Black Peril White Virtue: Sexual Crime in Southern Rhodesia.
As a youth he attended schools in England, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and Australia.
Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from Great Britain came in 1965, only a few short decades after England's 1923 annexation of Southern Rhodesia from the South Africa Company.
In the Union of South Africa, as well as in Southern Rhodesia, Africans were formally relegated to adapted groups known as "Pathfinders" that lacked scouting's pseudo-official status and prestige.
More recently, women in (then) Southern Rhodesia demanded that their husbands stop an outbreak of bombings and explosions or lose all marital rights.
The Anglican Church Missionary Society (CMS) even had a "Realignment Commission" for facing the changes ahead for missionaries in what was then Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Nyasaland (Malawi), and Kenya.
The first confirmed outbreaks, in South Africa in 1893 and Southern Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) in 1902, were in domestic dogs, and their origin was traced to distant lands (5).
Rhodesia was subsequently subdivided into Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia).
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