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Understanding the processes driving sea ice variability and change in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica is a high priority, given the importance of sea ice in the Earth system and the need for improved sea ice forecasting.
The site for this Global Array at the edge of the Southern Ocean, chosen based partly on findings by the Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment in the Southern Ocean (DIMES), is another key part of the Earth's "global ocean conveyor" circulation.
Dr Maqueda said: "We have successfully deployed the wave glider in the North Sea, and we will now use the same technology in the Southern Ocean.
It shows graphic scenes of fishermen from a Japanese whaling fleet harpooning whales in the Southern Ocean before dragging them - while they were still alive - along the side of the vessel.
The seafloor animals of the Southern Ocean shelf have long been isolated by the deep ocean surrounding Antarctica and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, with little scope for southward migration, according to the research team.
One of the strongest open ocean barriers in the world is the Antarctic Polar Front (APF), which isolates the Southern Ocean from warmer waters at lower latitudes and thus contributes to the high endemism found in the Southern Ocean (Thornhill et al.
The Ross Sea, its shelf and slope only comprise two per cent of the Southern Ocean but they are home to 38 per cent of the world's Adelie penguins, 30 per cent of the world's Antarctic petrels and around six per cent of the world's population of Antarctic minke whales.
By studying trace metals in sediment samples taken from the ocean floor near Antarctica, Jaccard and colleagues determined that the deep waters of the Southern Ocean contained much less oxygen during the Ice Age than they currently do, suggesting that phytoplankton then were absorbing a significant volume of C[O.
New Zealand and other concerned countries today sent a strong message to the Japanese government over its resumption of whaling in the Southern Ocean, delivering a formal message in Tokyo expressing their opposition," Key said in a statement.
Dongfeng were one of three boats to crash over on their sides midway through the Southern Ocean on the 6,776nm leg -- a so-called aACAyChinese gybe'.
Instead, the Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica, are stashing most of the warmth.
Conducted by laboratories of international stature, these scientific projects are expected to focus on a range of topics, including the risk of invasion by particular species of insects and the consequences of climate change of the Southern Ocean, the accelerating melting of the permafrost, as well as studies into climate history with the target of adjusting existing climate models.
Sydney, Australia -- Winds in the wild Southern Ocean are blowing at their strongest in a millennia as climate change shifts weather patterns, leaving Antarctica colder and Australia facing more droughts, a study showed Monday.
Last month's judgment by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered a halt to Japan's decades-old program of "scientific whaling" in the Southern Ocean, a practice environmentalists condemn, but Tokyo said it would abide by the decision and has canceled the 2014-2015 hunt.
Japan in April last year announced its whaling haul from the Southern Ocean was at a record low because of "unforgivable sabotage" by activists from the militant environmental group Sea Shepherd.
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