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29 March 2017 - Rhode Island, US-based insurance agencies MassMutual Southern New England and New Hampshire, US-based MassMutual Northern New England have merged with Boston-based financial planning firm Commonwealth Financial Group, the firms said.
The Southern New England agency was based in Warwick, Rhode Island, and the Northern New England agency was based in Bedford, New Hampshire.
AAA Southern New England recognized communities throughout Worcester County with national awards for the quality of their traffic safety education and enforcement programs.
Providing that all goes according to plan, Robert will compete in the 2013 Southern New England Golden Gloves.
Early Accounts Of Southern New England Native Religion
A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England offers a contribution by scholars with Native American ancestry who are reappropriating their history by presenting their own version of a regional Native culture history.
Although it is centered on the history of labor struggles in the textile mills of Fall River, Massachusetts, her tale ranges across southern New England to take in unfolding events from the cotton mills of Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley to the meeting rooms of Boston labor activists, such as Ira Steward, who led the nineteenth-century campaign for the eight-hour work day.
Previously, she was manager, investment and inventory services, for Southern New England Telephone Co.
Diana Muir's Reflections in Bullough's Pond: Economy and Ecosystem in New England (University Press of New England) untangles the complicated interrelation of natural history and technology in southern New England.
We here in southern New England know that the "Hurricane of 1938" should be counted, too.
Bragdon presents Native People of Southern New England 1650-1775, her continued study of Native American cultures through the end of the colonial era with particular emphasis on the impact of colonization.
Martin Roberts, president of The International Design Group Communications Division New York '(IDGC), announced that the company has just completed its seventh retail store retrofit, in New Britain, Connecticut, for Southern New England Telephone (SNET).
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