Iraqi Kurdistan

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the part of Kurdistan that is in northwestern Iraq

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Despite its progress, there are attempts to create problems for southern Kurdistan by many parties.
It is not a coincidence that many of the early Kurdish uprisings with a nationalist dimension were led by Sufi shaykhs: the large rebellions of Shaykh vUbeydullah (1880) and the shaykhs of Barzan in central Kurdistan, Shaykh Sa'id (1925) in the North, and Shaykh Mahmud Barzinji (1919, 1922 and 1931) in southern Kurdistan, and several minor uprisings.
They said that in the last three weeks 20,000 Turkish troops have infiltrated the northern Iraqi area of southern Kurdistan.
The city of Rawandiz in Southern Kurdistan has an ancient history where many writers, artists and historians are originated.
Anfal was an anti-Kurdish campaign led by the former regime between 1986 and 1989 and involved a series of military campaigns against the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters as well as the mostly Kurdish civilian population of southern Kurdistan.
The Kurdish Painter from Southern Kurdistan, Najat Chimani was born in 1961.
The success stories of Peshmerga in Southern Kurdistan and the women fighters in Western Kurdistan has had a global echo.
A Kurdish sculptor from Southern Kurdistan, the artist Shwan Kamal was born in 1967 in Sulaimani.
The Kurdish Painter Jamal Mushir was born in 1962 in Erbil, Southern Kurdistan.
The Kurdish artist and sculptor Kamaran Dartash was born in 1968 in Kirkuk Province, Southern Kurdistan.
He had a good skill in painting, especially during the eighties when he opened many exhibitions in Kirkuk and has taken part in many others in other cities of Southern Kurdistan.
The Kurdish painter Sanjawi from Southern Kurdistan has lived with his art in the capital Hawler.
Lala Abdullah, also known as Lala Abda, is a Kurdish painter from Southern Kurdistan and was born in 1947 in Suleimani.
By: Ashti Garmiyani Amir Dali is a young Kurdish painter in Southern Kurdistan.
Home and Key' is the product of the Directorate of Culture and Art in Suleimani and was distributed by the 'I Love Film' company in Southern Kurdistan and Britain.
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