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a country on the island of Cyprus

an island in the eastern Mediterranean

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These ongoing military maneuvers are part of a new strategic (military and commercial) axis developing in the eastern Mediterranean between Israel, Cyprus and Greece and drawing in other countries because of the lucrative profits that will eventually come from the deep sea natural gas deposits behind drilled by southern Cyprus in its Aphrodite field and Israel in its Leviathan and Tamar fields 140 kms from the coast of occupied Palestine.
The frontiers between Northern and Southern Cyprus have already been largely opened with various crossing points, building on the only real achievement of the Annan Plan period, and legally defined by the EU in the so-called Green Line Regulation of 2004.
Ambulances in Southern Cyprus are provided by private companies who charge high rates for their services.
On Tuesday, Ankara's Ambassador to Tehran Umit Yardim told FNA that Israel is increasing its ties with Southern Cyprus, specially in military fields, adding that Cyprus supports PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist group, which operate against Iran and Turkey as two main Muslim regional powerhouse.
While we do our utmost to preserve common cultural heritage, the Muslim-Turkish cultural heritage in southern Cyprus faces getting ruined.
Up to twelve blocks in the eastern Mediterranean off southern Cyprus will be included in the round, officials have previously said.
She had been living in southern Cyprus for nine years but cancelled her daughter's Irish passport last year amid fears she might be snatched.
the presidency to southern Cyprus, the main crisis will be between the EU and
If the peace negotiations there (Cyprus) are not conclusive, and the EU gives its rotating presidency to southern Cyprus, the real crisis will be between Turkey and the EU," Anatolian quoted Atalay as telling Turkish Cypriot Bayrak Radio and TV at the end of a trip to northern Cyprus.
There is Southern Cyprus and there is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," he said.
Summary: A huge explosion has ripped through a military base in southern Cyprus killing 12 people and injuring 62.
On May 25, authorities in Northern Cyprus said that Ibrahim Aziz, a journalist working for the Turkish-Cypriot news paper Afrika, would no longer be allowed to cross the border between Northern and Southern Cyprus unless he obtained the necessary documents from the Turkish-controlled part of Cyprus.
8th INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL welcomes participant countries from across the world, some which are: South Korea, the USA, Albania, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Azerbaijan, India, Mongolia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Southern Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.
The TRNC, which is home to not quite 200,000 people, has more than 40 casinos, which play an important part in making the territory attractive to visitors from Turkey and from Southern Cyprus (where gambling is forbidden).
Chairman Shukri Ghanem, following talks with Paschalides, said the company is considering investing in oil and natural gas exploration off southern Cyprus
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