Transylvanian Alps

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a range of the southern Carpathian Mountains extending across central Romania

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Generally, the towns within this region occupy marginal positions, of contact with the Apuseni Mountains, with the Eastern and Southern Carpathians (for instance Cluj Napoca, Turda, Alba Iulia, Orastie, Sebes, Fagaras, Rupea, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Reghin, Bistrita, Targu Lapus, Dej), specific positions of the stable Romanian population.
In the Southern Carpathians there are only seven rural communities fitted with specific winter sport equipments, despite the existence of a large surface with potential of developing any ski related activity.
Abstract: Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) investigations were carried out on various periglacial landforms in the periglacial belt from Southern Carpathians.
The Poiana Rusc a Mountains are situated in the south-eastern part of Romania, being separated to the north from the Apuseni Mountains by the Mures River and to the south, from the Southern Carpathians by the Bistra River (Posea and Badea, 1984).
Brasov lies at the crossroad of the Eastern and Southern Carpathians.
Attempts were made to lure tourists to some of Romania's most scenic areas in the eclipse's path, including the Retezat and Paring mountains in the southern Carpathians.
The human localities, which continue to be on the popular ancient precincts, complete in a good way, the natural framework elements, aligning on the valleys thread, concentrating in the small depressions or spreading on the high and sweet flat mountains covered with lawns, defying the heights; however, we can meet here, many localities, placed at more than 1100 m, considered a true record of altitude for the Southern Carpathians, such as sirnea, Fundata, Fundalica.
Therefore, we tried to identify the most suitable model for the automatic classification of the landforms in the alpine area of the Southern Carpathians.
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