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a member of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Ed Young, elected Southern Baptist Convention president in 1992, says he can't see why Southern Baptists shouldn't be baptizing a million new converts a year by the end of this century.
Through Land's endeavors, Parham believes, the Southern Baptists became practically an appendage of the Republican right.
Some of these women attend moderate Baptist seminaries, but many are former Southern Baptists who now align themselves with Alliance of Baptists, American Baptists, or another denomination, or have left church life all together.
The resolution offers support to Southern Baptists who teach in the public schools but also blasts the institutions because they "continue to adopt and implement curricula and policies teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable.
Newman does not, however, take into account grassroots efforts, however brief, among Southern Baptists to embrace the civil rights movement.
The letter writers, who for security reasons called themselves only "a group of Southern Baptists serving in the Muslim World," included more than two-dozen missionaries living in the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and South Asia.
The Southern Baptist Convention vowed June 16 to increase membership by welcoming members of all minority groups--except for gays and lesbians.
We find Southern Baptists out of touch with the variations in the human family.
So the Southern Baptists are boycotting the Nation of Disney because it offers health benefits to employees and their partners.
When the Alliance of Southern Baptists (the Alliance), widely heralded as the most liberal and progressive of these moderate groups, held its first convocation at Meredith College in Raleigh in 1987, Anne Thomas Neil was excited to attend.
The southern Baptists thought that more could be done to end slavery by allowing the slaveholders to continue attending church, hoping that the influence of the church would move them to end slavery.
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