Southern Baptist Convention

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an association of Southern Baptists

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The Southern Baptist Convention is the second largest Christian body in America after the Catholic Church and was formed in the 19th century in part to defend slaveholders.
An 1863 resolution by delegates of the Southern Baptist Convention said they "will render a hearty support to the Confederate Government in all constitutional measures to secure our independence.
The Ordination of Women: Southern Baptist Convention.
Quoting speeches and reports by Tichenor to the Southern Baptist Convention and the Home Mission Board, Williams demonstrates the ambiguous motivation of much domestic "evangelism" in the late nineteenth century.
So why did the Southern Baptist Convention decide the very next year to issue another ringing condemnation of abortion?
The Carters' announcement in October came four months after the Southern Baptist Convention declared that women could no longer serve as pastors.
Leaders of the Baptist General Convention of Texas dealt a financial blow to the Southern Baptist Convention when they voted in October to cut off $5 million in funds to protest the rightward shift in the nation's largest Protestant denomination.
The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) strives to contain and thus comprehend Jewishness, which it otherwise confoundingly reinforces and repudiates.
The really good news from the Southern Baptist Convention is, if I join now, I don't have to do dishes anymore.
One late July afternoon five years ago, I had completed an interview with the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
In a nearly unanimous vote, Southern Baptist Convention condemned Wednesday the "alt-right" movement and passed a resolution affirming the denomination's opposition to white supremacy.
Anatomy of a Schism: How Clergywomen's Narratives Reinterpret the Fracturing of the Southern Baptist Convention
Smith's thesis is that Herschel Hobbs, chair of the revision committee and Southern Baptist Convention president, "sought to avert an immediate denominational split through the reformulation of key historic Baptist doctrines, wording some broadly to allow for widely divergent interpretations without sacrificing the Convention's conservative base" (2).
The online archives databases of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (http:// archives.
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