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a member of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Within hours of the news, leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) were on the scene providing counseling and other kinds of assistance to help this small community try to recover from the tragedy and begin the process of healing.
William McKissic, a black Southern Baptist from Arlington, Texas, drew up the initial proposal for the Southern Baptist Convention that was rejected.
Mullins' Axioms of Religion engendered "the bureaucratization and centralization of the Southern Baptist Convention by giving leaders the theological responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the larger Southern Baptist family" (p.
Southern Baptist pastor, who last week successfully requested that the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention report on its progress on racial reconciliation.
After the initial chapter summarizes Carver's early life and education, chapter 2 delves into Carver's ecumenical involvement and how the professor's views brought him into conflict with a strong Southern Baptist religious triumphalism and a residual ecclesiology known as "Landmarkism.
Drawing from interviews and writings of a remarkably expansive sample of remaining and former Southern Baptist women-lay and ordained, single and married, older and younger, egalitarian and complementarian, feminist and anti-feminist, conservative and progressive-the author offers an analytic phenomenology of the spectrum of views she discovered.
Consider the following remarkable excerpts from the editor of The Baptist Record, the state paper of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, which has a circulation of over 100,000, southern Baptists are by far the dominant religious group in the state, weighing in at just under four times as large as the next largest group, United Methodists (Finke 2001).
So why did the Southern Baptist Convention decide the very next year to issue another ringing condemnation of abortion?
The Carters' announcement in October came four months after the Southern Baptist Convention declared that women could no longer serve as pastors.
Leaders of the Baptist General Convention of Texas dealt a financial blow to the Southern Baptist Convention when they voted in October to cut off $5 million in funds to protest the rightward shift in the nation's largest Protestant denomination.
While the text opposes ordination of women in the future, the 1,600 or so current Southern Baptist clergywomen, about 100 of whom are pastors leading congregations, would not lose their credentials.
2) Within Southern Baptist representations of Jewishness, Jews typically function paradigmatically, either negatively as the executioners of Jesus, or positively as the model witnesses, waiting to be converted, and thereby signal the advent of the Messiah's Second Coming.
One late July afternoon five years ago, I had completed an interview with the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
The man, Dave Tracy, a Southern Baptist volunteer, had driven all night from South Carolina to lend a helping hand.
When real Vice President Dan Quayle followed his attack on fictitious Murphy Brown with a rant against the shadowy "cultural elite," it was no accident that his audience was the annual Southern Baptist Convention.
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