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The theoretical dimension of Democratic Institutions and Authoritarian Rule in Southeast Europe discusses three prominent factors --the level of socioeconomic development, types of communist regimes and citizen's value orientation--in the process of democratization.
Global economic circumstances do not favor expansion, but for small economies like those in Southeast Europe, internal reforms can stimulate stronger outward-oriented growth even in a global slowdown.
The rapid social and economic integration of Southeast Europe is seen as an opportunity for addressing health challenges and possibilities in the region.
Bekir Dildar, General Manager of Fibabanka, said, "Partnership with IFC and the European Fund for Southeast Europe will enable our bank to reduce obstacles for women entrepreneurs and help them become more active in the business environment, contributing to economic development of the country.
Cultural Tourism Goes Virtual: Audience Development in Southeast European Countries represents a joint research effort examining the virtual presence of cultural organisations and heritage sites and their impacts on the development of cultural tourism in Southeast Europe.
The geopolitical map of the region of Southeast Europe is already drawn - there is neither will nor support for new partitions and alteration of borders, said Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki when commenting a statement by Serbia's Interior Minister Ivica Dacic that Kosovo partition was the only real solution.
TIRANA, Oct 12, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul on Tuesday participated in a meeting of Southeast Europe Defense Ministers (SEDM) in the Albanian capital of Tirana.
In the latest EBRD report on the economic prospects of the region of Central and Southeast Europe is stressed that the economy of the region, overall, is slowly recovering from the global crisis, with a noticeable disproportion of recovery between the countries.
The nature of the psychoactive ingredients in such tablets is not always clear, but reports suggest that amphetamine trafficked from Southeast Europe is the main ingredient in Captagon tablets found in the consumer markets of the Middle East (notably Saudi Arabia), frequently alongside caffeine.
Papandreou, also the foreign minister of Greece, will attend informal meeting of Foreign Ministers of Southeast Europe Cooperation Process in Istanbul and meet Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The book, written by Spiridon Cvetac and published by the Greek Society for Macedonian Studies and the Bulgarian State Archive, was "an expression of Nazi and racist politics of certain circles in Sofia and Athens against Macedonia and the Macedonians, which destabilizes the whole of Southeast Europe," Macedonian television Alsat-M quoted the WMC as saying.
com), Leverkusen, Germany, has strengthened its BaySystems systems house in southeast Europe by acquiring the polyurethane systems house of Neochimiki S.
Greece is the gateway to southeast Europe that has a regional market with a population of 140 million," Michas said, adding that the country provides access to the emerging and high growth markets of southeast Europe and eastern Mediterranean region.
The 2007 cereals crop is estimated below last year's level because of because of dry and unusually hot weather in April followed by adverse summer weather in western Europe, with drought and heatwaves in southeast Europe.
Communications solutions provider Nortel (NYSE:NT)(TSX:NT) and Southeast European Communications and Investments Inc (SECI), a provider of advisory services in telecomms, energy and infrastructure projects in southeast Europe, announced on Thursday (30 November) their intent to establish a joint venture in southeast Europe.
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