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a geographical division of Asia that includes Indochina plus Indonesia and the Philippines and Singapore

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What's to become of their identities as Southeast Asians learn to be Polish, Italians, Americans, or Emirati?
The United States and China are among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' dialogue partners.
Studies in Thai and Southeast Asian Histories is a collection of twenty-five of Chamvit's articles published in English over the four decades of his academic career.
Recent studies of Southeast Asians in the San Francisco Bay Area (Lee et al.
Within religious studies, Southeast Asian Islam has so often been cast as peripheral to the larger story of the spread of Islam in world history.
Singaporeans are the tallest among Southeast Asians, towering over their neighbors with an average height of 171 cm.
Southeast Asians have had an impact on the city's housing patterns, schools, and businesses in the area.
It will not be total, but it can be sufficiently damaging for the economies of the Southeast Asian nations.
However, the recent financial crisis and the calls for more liberalization on the part of Washington and the IMF went against the nationalist grain of Southeast Asians who saw this as economic colonization.
Some parents and social workers said it was clearly a gang sign, and some accused the choreographer of promoting gang violence, exposing the children to retaliation by gangs and perpetuating negative stereotypes about Southeast Asians.
6%); however, the proportion of abnormal Pap smears that showed moderately severe or worse changes was greater for Southeast Asians than for whites (30.
Since 1975, approximately one million Southeast Asians have immigrated to the United States (1).
One cluster consists mainly of northeast Asians and residents of the Americas; the other encompasses Europeans, Africans, native Australians and southeast Asians.
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