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a republic in southwestern Africa on the south Atlantic coast (formerly called South West Africa)

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The apartheid regime seemed as solid as a rock then, and there was also the extension of South African white supremacist rule over South-West Africa, while the white settler regime in Southern Rhodesia was as determined to hold on to power as the Portuguese colonial rulers were in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome et Principe.
That year Botha took South Africa into the First World War on Britain's side and personally took military command of the conquest of German South-West Africa.
One of the big challenges for Angola hosting the biennial Nations Cup has been preparing the Portuguese-speaking south-west Africa country for visitors.
The country known before 1918 as Deutsch Sudwest Afrika (German South-West Africa), and as the British/South African protectorate of South-West Africa until independent Namibia was born in 1990, is only medium-size geographically (as countries go), but is one of the world's most amazing mineralogical treasure houses.
Trepsdorf's discussion covers imperial foreign politics, British-German rivalry for global supremacy, colonial pressure groups in both countries, the representation of Africans in English and German school textbooks of the period, in popular culture, advertising, and colonial exhibitions, before turning to colonial politics and the treatment of African natives in two settler colonies, British South Africa and German South-West Africa.
In spite of its remote location in the then little-visited and almost unknown territory of South-West Africa (Namibia today), we saw previously (Spargo 2008b) that the second decade of the great meteorite's life opened with its existence being relatively widely known to the public in South Africa and the United States.
The Lusaka Manifesto adopted by the Organisation of African Unity and the UN made it clear that Black Africa's saner states are prepared to leave South Africa alone - unlike the "colonial" problems of Rhodesia and South-West Africa - provided it takes positive steps as an independent country towards racial equality.
The region is dominated by a cold-water and a warm-water current that coincide around south-west Africa.
Contingency and counterinsurgency operations in South-West Africa (now Namibia) and Angola.
Michael Harris demonstrates how Pynchon draws the reader's attention to suppressed groups like the Herero of South-West Africa and suggests that for Pynchon the colonizing impulse results from an 'inability to live with uncertainty' and expresses itself as a 'need to subjugate and control the environment and others' (p.
The trailing bead plant or string-of-beads,Senecio row-leyanus (pictured),from south-west Africa, is an unusual hanging plant,hard to find in garden centres but easy to propagate -I acquired mine as a cutting from an aunt.
The Okovango Delta is a vast expanse of wetlands in the heart of the Kalahari desert of south-west Africa The Okovango River has its origins in the highlands of Angola from where it descends to the near-desert of northern Botswana where it fans out as the world's largest inland delta.
In each of these he explores first the "discursive structures," which characterize the period, and then discusses the effect of this discourse on Africa, and most particularly on the case of Namibia, the former South-West Africa.
Hidayatullah, The South-West Africa Case (Bombay: Asia Publishing House, 1967), pp.