South Yorkshire

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a metropolitan county in northern England

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An international airport, Robin Hood Airport is located at the former RAF Finningley station at Finningley, in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, within South Yorkshire, England.
London, Feb 10(ANI): Former England fast bowler Darren Gough has turned down British Prime Minister David Cameron's request to stand as a Conservative MP in Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire, England.
Based in Dinnington in South Yorkshire, England, the new team was officially launched on December 15 with Richard Branson's Virgin Group as title sponsors.
Dinnington Business Centre, Outgang Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England $25 3QX
South Yorkshire, England, Police Constable DAVID STEPHENSON, describing the shortcomings of Buster, a police dog who showed more interest in befriending criminals than catching them.
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