South Yorkshire

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a metropolitan county in northern England

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Ms Mjadzelics subsequently complained that South Yorkshire Police did not examine the computer properly, and also that a female officer had used inappropriate language towards her on one occasion.
Justin Rushbrooke QC did not say how much South Yorkshire Police had agreed to pay.
But he said South Yorkshire Police had agreed to pay "substantial damages" to compensate for "unlawful" conduct.
The second half was a tense affair with South Yorkshire noticeably tightening their grip in midfield.
paperwork shows that the 76-year-old singer is suing the BBC and South Yorkshire Police in the wake of a raid at apartment in Sunningdale, Berkshire, in August 2014.
South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that its team, led by Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick, will begin searching a specific site on Kos.
Previously censored documents revealed links between an alleged cover-up by senior officers at the time and the actions of South Yorkshire Police at Hillsborough.
In April, an inquest jury concluded the 96 victims were unlawfully killed and that blunders by South Yorkshire Police "caused or contributed to" the disaster at Sheffield Wednesday FC's stadium.
Malcolm Reeves, pilot at South Yorkshire Police until he retired in 2013, also faces charges in relation to the case but did not appear at court with the other defendants.
One of 38 towns, cities, counties and regions to submit proposals to Westminster to take control of how public money is spent, Sheffiedl City Region will see its mayor elected for the first time in 2017 by voters across South Yorkshire as part of the deal.
Her report provoked a series of high-profile resignations, including that of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright, who was the councilor overseeing children's services from 2005 to 2010.
South Yorkshire had no trouble whatsoever reaching that target despite a fine bowling performance from Alfie Bartley, who claimed a respectable 2-24.
South Yorkshire and the Humber has been identified as a focus for significant growth by the bank, and to help support the needs of SMEs in the region, the bank has also appointed Andy Stobbart to the role of area director with specific responsibility for South Yorkshire.
The new investigation into the tragedy, which killed 96 Liverpool fans in 1989, has already uncovered a mass of statements given by police officers on the day that were doctored by South Yorkshire Police.
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