South West Africa

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a republic in southwestern Africa on the south Atlantic coast (formerly called South West Africa)

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At a press conference in July 2015, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry confirmed that the term genocide was now applicable also to what had happened in South West Africa.
Critique: An impressively researched, exceptionally well written, meticulously documented and detailed account, "Louis Botha's War: The Campaign in South West Africa, 1914-1915" by travel writer, conservation correspondent, and now historian Adam Cruise is an inherently fascinating and informative read which is strongly recommended for community and academic library 20th Century History collections in general, and Boer War supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
Desiccation, conservation, forest management, environment, South West Africa, Namibia
Already on 13 September the war spread to South West Africa when a mounted South African regiment attacked the German police station at Ramansdrift on the border.
This expansion had devastating effects for the colonized people, who were subjugated as 'uncivilized natives' or 'brutes' by a policy guided by the Prussian military totalitarian mindset that had deadly consequences for many, be it in Tsingtao, then South West Africa, or German East Africa, or in the West African plantation colonies of Togo and Cameroon.
For example, Australia and New Zealand wanted control of the various Pacific island archipelagos then controlled by the German empire, while South Africa wanted German South West Africa.
The Iranian foreign minister, for his part, pointed to the ancient history and rich culture of the Namibian nation, and said, "By accepting the inauguration of the South West Africa People's Organization's (SWAPO) office in Tehran, the Islamic Republic supported the movement and today is also ready to support Namibia and cooperate with that country based on the same principles.
It's 1904, and Germany has claimed all of South West Africa.
studies heft in USA, I received a sad and terrible message from my home country, South West Africa.
Then South West Africa, Namibia was a very quiet and little-known backwater when I first hunted there in 1979.
The South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), for example, received about $4 million from American taxpayers between 1975 and 1978, according to a report by the South African Foreign Ministry.
The carrier currently operates five flights a week from Paris to Addis Ababa with connecting services to destinations in West, Central and South West Africa such as Cameroun, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Libreville, Douala, Malabo and Pointe Noire.
A patchwork militia coalesced to form the South West Africa People's Organization, or Swapo, which fought to secure Namibia's independence from the apartheid government.
It will maintain Lonrho's four-year programme of developing operational hubs in East, West and South West Africa with strategic hubs in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Angola, 'providing an unparalleled route network and operating platform to launch across Africa'.
After a protracted struggle, the South West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) won independence for the territory, conferred on 21st March 1990, and took control of a nation renamed Namibia under the presidency of Sam Nujoma.
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