South Vietnam

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a former country in southeastern Asia that existed from 1954 (after the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu) until 1975 when it was defeated and annexed by North Vietnam

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When in early 1955 the regime faced violent challenges to its rule from sects within South Vietnam, Lansdale persuaded the Eisenhower administration to stand firm with Diem, a critical move that in all likelihood preserved Diem's hold on power.
Taylor's volume provides an in-depth look at the diplomatic, political, military, economic, and even agricultural workings of the Second Republic from the point of view of the civil servants dedicated to making South Vietnam thrive despite continuous challenges.
At first, squadrons in South Vietnam and Thailand carried out the strikes approved for the Air Force, but after the construction of new airfields in Thailand, all the raids against the North originated there.
The Americans began giving military aid to the Diem regime the repressive policies of which led to the formation in 1962 of the South Vietnam National Liberation Front which gained control of the rural areas by 1963.
With the United States taking over from France the support of a non-communist government and the equipping and training of its troops, Emperor Bao Dai called on Diem to form a government for South Vietnam.
North and South Vietnam were reunified under communist rule the following year and ten years later the Government relaxed its regime.
This inevitable failure derived from the United States's "thorough and ambitious" but ultimately futile efforts to create a viable state in South Vietnam (p.
An elite group of South Vietnam spies known only by the Greek letter "XI" infiltrated Minh's army and found out about impending military activities.
The United States sought to contain communism by bringing about a stable, independent South Vietnam capable of holding off the aggressive North.
Moyar reverses the judgment 180 degrees, describing Ho Chi Minh as a tool of foreign powers and Diem as "a very wise and effective leader" who was well on his way to creating a viable South Vietnam when Washington made the grave error of backing a coup against him in 1963 (xiv).
This tragedy, which was repeated many times among the Australian and New Zealand troops serving in South Vietnam in the late 1960s, was all the more poignant because the mine itself was an allied mine, relaid by the Viet Cong enemy.
1975: The Vietnam Warended when the South Vietnam Government surrendered to North Vietnam.
The reason is that Ford and Kissinger--and to an even greater extent, Graham Martin, their ambassador, and Thomas Polgar, their CIA station chief in Saigon--did not want to face the fact that South Vietnam was going to fall.
sending military advisers to support the government of South Vietnam against the Communist forces of the North (and the guerrilla forces of the Viet Cong).
From 1962 to 1972 Australia joined the United States in fighting a communist inspired insurgency war in the jungles of South Vietnam against infiltrators who sought to overthrow the local government.
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