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national capital of Kiribati

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South Tarawa [Kirbati], Jan 28 ( ANI ): Seven survivors, including an unconscious baby, aboard a dinghy have been found by rescuers while searching for a ferry carrying 50 people that went missing in the waters off Kiribati.
Kwakwa will also travel to North Tarawa to see initiatives under phase three of the Kiribati Adaptation Program, including rainwater harvesting systems and officiate at the groundbreaking ceremony for a water reticulation project on South Tarawa.
6% of Kiribati's population above the age of 15 are economically active, only 23% participate in the formal wage economy and over 60% of all formal jobs are in South Tarawa.
Rainwater tanks contribute the balance of supplies on South Tarawa (35 per cent).
Indicators: By 2021, reported cases of waterborne disease in South Tarawa reduce to X (2016 baseline: X reported cases per year)
All Pacific towns and cities have urban villages to varying degrees, and the largest numbers are in the Melanesian Pacific capitalsHoniara, Port Moresby, Port Vila, and Suvaand smaller towns of Micronesia such as South Tarawa (Kiribati).
Source of Funding / Amount:Grant: South Tarawa Sanitation Sector Improvement ProjectAsian Development FundUS$ 2.
About half of all imported fuel in 2012 was used for electricity generation on the South Tarawa grid, servicing around 52,000 people.
The better road network on South Tarawa will facilitate improved safety provisions and drive economic growth.
The average population density in South Tarawa is 3,193 /km2, and it is as high as 8,990/km2 in the most densely settled urban areas.
Impact : The socioeconomic conditions of the population of South Tarawa will have improved.
This component consists of the main civil works activities to be undertaken on the South Tarawa road infrastructure.
The specific objective of the proposed MSP is to serve as a catalyst for the substitution of the diesel based electricity generation for the South Tarawa grid by grid-connected solar PV supply of electricity
Component A: Civil Works - This component consists of the main civil works activities to be undertaken on the South Tarawa road infrastructure.
Solar panels at four sites in the capital, South Tarawa, will be installed during the project that and is expected to cut diesel use by up to 230,000 litres per year.
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