South Sea Islands

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any islands in the southern or southwestern of central parts of the Pacific Ocean

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She examines occupied Guam in the context of the South Sea Islands' rule during the prewar and war years and outlines the Japanese occupation policy and the Guam Minseibu's rule of the Chamorro people of Guam based on archival materials, taking into account Guam's geopolitical status.
He decided the best way to make some easy cash would be to collect pearls in the South Sea islands.
None of us will forget the images of the disaster which happened when a tsunami wave swelled from an undersea earthquake and struck the South Sea Islands.
The Sun reported: "Four-year cruise ends: Cruising in the South Sea Islands is not the idyllic life the dreamer thinks says 32-year-old seafarer Reg Blake who returned from four years sailing the Pacific ...
The thriving practice of "blackbirding" the capture by force of indigenous island populations and their subsequent enslavement on large-scale plantations in the South Sea Islands rose as slavery in the States fell.
They then moved to Aden, where he was Chief Magistrate and Acting Chief Justice, and then onto the South Sea Islands.
Former England scrum-half Andy Gomarsall is among the replacements, together with South Sea Islands trio Dale Rasmussen, Tevita Taumoepeau and Johnny Taumoheloa.
SOS TUVALU is the kind of book that makes one comment: "Yes, I remember vaguely reading about that in the newspaper or maybe it was on television ..." Pirkko Lindberg's travelogue is about a ten-month around-the-world trip on freighters with long stops on idyllic South Sea islands. Not a vacation trip--she went there to study the effects of global warming on rising sea levels that would inundate many of the Pacific coral atolls, which would become modern-day Atlantises.
Thomas is in pole position to recruit those players and he explained: "After the West Indies, I'm hoping to use my contacts and move on to the South Sea islands and Australia."
El Nino is an irregular warming of the Eastern Pacific equatorial waters, stretching west from South America toward the South Sea Islands. Its counterpart, La Nina, describes the cooling of the same waters.
The Pacific encompasses most of the South Sea islands. However, other major waters here bear note: the Timor Sea separates northern Australia from Indonesia; the Coral Sea lies northeast of the continent; and dividing southeast Australia from New Zealand is the Tasman Sea.
The club are staying tight-lipped about the identities of the players concerned but coach Ian Millward is on record as saying one is a three quarter from the South Sea islands who featured in the rugby union World Cup.
Following on from wins in Brisbane and Hong Kong England secured their home title with a convincing win against the sevens specialists from the South Sea Islands.
summer which replaces a proposed South Sea Islands trip to Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.
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