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any sea to the south of the equator (but especially the South Pacific)

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The errors of the South Sea missions are pointed out with even more force than in 'Typee,' and it is a fact that both these books have ever since been of the greatest value to outgoing missionaries on account of the exact information contained in them with respect to the islanders.
Here, again, it seems wisest to leave the remaining adventures in the South Seas to the reader's own discovery, simply stating that, after a sojourn at the Society Islands, Melville shipped for Honolulu.
Whether our author entered on his whaling adventures in the South Seas with a determination to make them available for literary purposes, may never be certainly known.
From 1857 to 1860 he filled many engagements in the lyceums, chiefly speaking of his adventures in the South Seas.
Typee,' as written, contained passages reflecting with considerable severity on the methods pursued by missionaries in the South Seas.
The scene of this romance, which opens well, is laid in the South Seas, but everything soon becomes overdrawn and fantastical, and the thread of the story loses itself in a mystical allegory.
As for capability, I tell you I can sail all around the average broken captain or promoted able seaman you find in the South Seas.
Incidentally, he had ideas about coral-reefs, disagreed profoundly with Darwin on that subject, had voiced his opinion in several monographs and one book, and was now back at his hobby, cruising the South Seas in a tiny, thirty-ton yacht and studying reef-formations.
And there aren't any whalers knocking about the South Seas.
The South Seas is populous with treasure-hunters--" Almost could Daughtry have sworn that he had seen a flash of anxiety break through the dream-films that bleared the Ancient Mariner's eyes.
Ah," said Percival, "I perceive you both know the South Seas, wherefore, without undue expenditure of verbiage on my part, I am assured that you will appreciate the charm of my princess, the Princess Tui-nui of Talofa, the Princess of the Isle of Love.
You know the South Seas, and you know that the tiger shark, like the bald-face grizzly of Alaska, never gives trail.
The natives of all around that part of the South Seas called it the Jolly Island.
The great majority of his subjects always followed his lead, and, having no religion at all, ensued the time of the Great Licentiousness, when by all South Seas missionaries his island, in sermons, was spoken of as Babylon.
Once again, As a dynamo in the development of the south sea quarter to a new district characterized by business, City life and diversity.
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