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a tributary of the Platte River

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002 Iowa Darter Nonnative Species Presence NA NA South Platte Functional feeding group 7.
As the flooding from the mountain front channel systems spilled onto the plains and merged into the mainstem of the South Platte River, several communities along its path were inundated for several days after rainfall had ceased.
That's a tough proposition anywhere, but in the overgrown South Platte River bottom we were hunting, it was overwhelming.
Most pristine streams in the transition zone had cool, clear water and sand-gravel substrate and, in the South Platte and Arkansas River basins, represent habitat important to relatively rare species in the state (Miller, 1984; Propst and Carlson, 1986; Bestgen, 1989; Bestgen et al.
Separately, Denver-based Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Onshore company, a unit of Anadarko, reported the spill of an unknown volume of condensate into the South Platte from a 300-barrel-capacity storage tank.
Vrain feeds into the South Platte, which flows across Colorado's plains and into Nebraska.
Authorities said downstream flooding could be worsened by a river channel cluttered with overgrown vegetation and debris from several years of minimal flows along the South Platte.
submerged by flooding along the South Platte River; a road crew works on a road washed out by flooding in Weld County; a tractor sits partially submerged in a field after flooding along the South Platte River; and a section of road is washed out by flooding along the South Platte River
Nebraska is primarily drained by the Platte River, and its major tributaries, the Elkhorn, Loup, North Platte, and South Platte (Figure 2).
Given this uncertainty and the widespread application of split hunting seasons in the USA, we estimated adult mallard daily survival rates along the South Platte River corridor in northeastern Colorado during September--February.
United Rentals provided a Mega Brace shoring system for an Xcel Energy project in Colorado to pull water from the South Platte River downstream from Denver at the discharge point of the Denver Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant, and divert it to the company's Cherokee Power Plant approximately half a mile away.
The South Platte River flowed silently, 100 yards south of my position.
Sutton's main assignment is to work on two issues: water quality in the South Platte River and greenhouse gas reduction.
Denver's river is the South Platte - the main stem of a largely human-created system of tributaries and outflows.
The schools are in a canyon on the South Platte River about 35 miles south-west of Denver.
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