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a tributary of the Platte River

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The South Platte revitalization project, which involves a special river commission and 31 partners, has spent $20 million so far on land acquisition and restoration projects at five sites, with another four projects costing $15 million under construction.
Thus it appears that the organic/inorganic fertilizer scenario is more appropriate along the South Platte River than the inorganic scenario.
The South Platte water undergoes four distinct processes: softening, advanced ultraviolet oxidation, granular filtration and activated charcoal adsorption.
The city of Aurora is probably the best example of a city that is putting a big investment in a pipeline that allows them significant re-use for water they release back into the South Platte Basin.
Absent was political honesty and courage, he charges--an absence that may someday cause the South Metro story to dwarf that of farmers along the South Platte River now forced to let fields go fallow because of insufficient wells.
Another, growing Aurora, uses little well water, but does rely on water transported from the north, south and west while aggressively buying farm water from the South Platte and Arkansas River valleys.
Another example of the new-urban lifestyle is Riverfront Park, located in the heart of historic downtown Denver, adjacent to Cherry Creek and facing Commons Park along the South Platte River.
At Two Forks, the plan was to dam the South Platte River southwest of Denver, impounding up to 1.2 billion acre-feet of water.
Chris Frampton Stands in the wind on the Millennium Bridge, connecting the LoDo end 16th Street Mall to Denver's River-from park on the South Platte. Last year at this time he was in Austin, Texas, selling residential lots on a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.
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