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In July, South Korea warned its citizens in China and Southeast Asia of the risk of "dangerous acts" by North Korea after news reports said North Korea may have sent agents to those places to harm or abduct South Koreans.
The presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said, many dozen South Korean firms have inked pacts of amount over US$41 million with African allies, majorly Kenyan companies.
Japanese leaders have previously apologized over the former sex slaves, but many South Koreans see the statements and past efforts at private compensation as insufficient.
A teenaged North Korean soldier walked across the world's most heavily militarised border on Monday in a bid to defect to South Korea, South Korean Defence Ministry officials said.
A South Korean fisherman abducted by North Korea while at sea in 1972 fled the North earlier this month and is currently in a third country under the protection of the South Korean government, an activist group said Friday.
Summary: Seoul: North Korea has ignored a plea by South Korean businessmen to visit a joint .
Many South Koreans are living in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi emirate, who will find it convenient to travel to the embassy in the city during the weekend, said Tae-kyun Kwon, South Korean Ambassador to the UAE.
South Korea has the right to send its military or police force to a pair of South Korean-controlled islets in the Sea of Japan that have been claimed by Japan, the South Korean foreign ministry said Tuesday.
The South Korean News Agency Yonhap on Tuesday said that Syria has become a destination for South Korean students to learn Arabic by virtue of the secure environment and the low living costs and other reasons.
The 300,000-ton South Korean-operated, Singapore-owned Samho Dream, was on its way from Iraq to the US state of Louisiana with a crew of five South Koreans and 19 Filipinos.
South Koreans with business interests there fail to attend the March 25
Recent polling in South Korea reveals that more of the electorate views the United States as a threat to national security than North Korea (43 per cent to 37 per cent) and well over 70 per cent of those South Koreans polled favoured engagement with North Korea over confrontation.
Like most South Koreans of her generation, though, she is against the peninsula's reunification as too heavy a financial burden on the South.
In short, South Koreans seem to be of two minds when it comes to foreign investors.
They argue that many younger South Koreans perceive the United States as a bully, pointing to the massive candlelight vigils and demonstrations against us that took place in 2002 after the united States failed to offer a "proper" apology after two girls were run over by an American armored vehicle.
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