South Korean won

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the basic unit of money in South Korea

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Distribution of ICT South Korean won in areas such as the networks, applications, service desk, and data centers
The pressure spread through Asia with the South Korean won KRW= hitting its lowest since late August 2013 and the Singapore dollar SGD= at its lowest since 2010.
The US recovery, a plungein oil prices, the new Apple-Silicon Valley ecosystem and a major depreciation in the South Korean won mean it is credible to expect 15 - 16 per cent earnings growth next year.
South Korean refiners S-Oil and SK Innovation, both of which reported their second-quarter results this week, saw their refining business suffer operating losses due to poor refining margins and an appreciation in the South Korean won against the US dollar.
According to Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), the South Korean won could be weakened if a plan to start direct trading between the won and mainland China's yuan is implemented.
The rising oil prices and shrinking risk appetite weighed on emerging Asian currencies particularly, with the rupee hitting a six-week low and the rupiah and the South Korean won also withering.
The Abenomics, or the economic policy advocated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, caused the Japanese yen's depreciation against the US dollar as well as the South Korean won, worsening the price competitiveness of local exporters which are competing with Japanese rivals in overseas markets.
Overall, auto earnings are expected to miss forecasts for the January to March period, because of the stronger South Korean won.
The smartphone maker also said that a stronger South Korean won was projected to cut its operating profit by KRW3trn ($2.
The decrease in profit is because the strength of the South Korean won adversely impacted the automaker's profitability in foreign markets.
But it surprised the few who thought the steep fall of the Japanese yen in recent weeks and the rise of South Korean won could prompt the central bank to lower interest rates to slow the won's rise.
861 trillion South Korean won (KRW) in January-September period in 2012 despite vehicle sales growing by nearly four per cent, according to reports.
The court ordered Apple to pay Samsung 40 million South Korean won (about Au22,300; pay them out of petty cash, will you Tim) while Samsung must pay Apple 25 million won.
As of January 31, the currency weightings of the Templeton Global Bond Fund, managed by Hasenstab, were as follows: among the top three allocations within Asia, excluding Japan, were South Korean won and Malaysian Ringgit; in non-US America, Mexican peso and Chilean peso were the top two currencies; and finally in peripheral or emerging Europe, Polish zloty was the second-highest allocated currency.
17% against the euro, with the South Korean won, Indonesian rupiah and Singaporean dollar all falling by over 1%.
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