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According to the South Korean presidential office, Kim hosted a dinner with South Korean President Moon Jae-in's special envoys on Monday, Yonhap reported.
The two sides held high-level talks in Seoul to discuss ways to bolster trade and investment and help more South Korean firms participate in infrastructure projects in the Central Asian country, according to the ministry.
Led by Lee Joo-tae, director-general for the inter-Korean exchange and cooperation in the Ministry of Unification, the South Korean team crossed the border through the East Sea Line, one of the two inter-Korean passes, which has not been used since October 2015.
While both Apple and South Korean authorities are silent on the reason for the raids, a report in Metro.
The pacts were inked in a meeting between executives of 41 South Korean firms and over 140 Kenyan companies and different companies from different African nations, comprising Nigeria and Mozambique in Nairobi.
In this regard South Korean firms will invest in Iran and their activities in the Islamic Republic will be accompanied with transfer of technology into the country.
Although the South Korean court has no binding power on international agreements, Seoul could have been obligated to seek a new deal with Tokyo had the court ruled the treaty unconstitutional, analysts said.
The soldier approached a remote South Korean guard post in Gangwon province's Hwacheon county, in the central area of the peninsula, at about 8 a.
Washington, March 31 ( ANI ): Amid boiling tensions plaguing the Korean peninsula, North Korea reportedly fired near the South Korean maritime border inciting strong retaliation from South Korea, which in turn fired its own artillery shells into the North Korean sea.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: In the presence of Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki and South Korean Military Industries' Minister Lee Yong Jul an agreement was signed to sell Iraq modern South Korean military planes.
A South Korean fisherman abducted by North Korea while at sea in 1972 fled the North earlier this month and is currently in a third country under the protection of the South Korean government, an activist group said Friday.
Summary: Seoul: North Korea has ignored a plea by South Korean businessmen to visit a joint .
8 million South Korean expatriates worldwide started voting on Wednesday to elect their president back home at 154 overseas voting centres in around 130 countries, including the UAE.
Tokyo: August 23 -- (BNA) The Japanese government strongly denounced the decision taken by of the South Korean government to return the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's hand written lettter regarding Japanese claim of entitlement to ownership of Dodko -- aka Takeshima in Japan.
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