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a geographical division of Asia that includes Indochina plus Indonesia and the Philippines and Singapore

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The six-month trade balance sheet of the country shows that exports to Eastern Asia increased to $1150m compared to $1092m, South Central Asia $1444m versus $1238m, South Eastern Asia $554m against $480m and Western Asia $1169m from $999m.
We are proficient in providing best-of-breed solutions while maintaining an optimal cost level that is ideal for boosting TV digitalization rate in fast growing regions such as India, South Eastern Asia, Russia, and Latin America.
It said that the progress was led by "China and Southern and South Eastern Asia.
According to the UN agency, the programme was implemented in Malaysia to learn from the experience of this South Eastern Asia country how it managed to register unprecedented economic and social development in the last two decades.
While most jars came from South Eastern Asia Minor and the general North East Mediterranean region, one group of amphorae appears to have contained wine imported from the Mediterranean coast of France," the press release said.
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