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Synonyms for southeast

the compass point midway between south and east

the southeastern region of the United States

the direction corresponding to the southeastward compass point

Related Words

a location in the southeastern part of a country, region, or city

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coming from the southeast

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situated in or oriented toward the southeast

Related Words

to, toward, or in the southeast

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Nick Crossfield, Managing Director, Alstom UK & Ireland, added, Now, we have the opportunity to form an even closer partnership with this unique bid for the South Eastern franchise.
Stimulated by solid economic growth--around 2-5% increase of GDP a year- the South Eastern Europe market will register a rise in energy demand in the near future.
The ministers of foreign affairs adopted at the conference the Sarajevo Declaration on the Alliance of Civilizations' Regional Strategy on Intercultural Dialogue and Cooperation in South Eastern Europe and the Alliance of Civilizations' Regional Strategy on Intercultural Dialogue and Cooperation in South Eastern Europe.
The DPPI seeks to provide a framework for South Eastern European nations to develop programs and projects leading to strengthened capabilities in preventing and responding to natural and man-made disasters.
The South Eastern Board said it operated a 'waiting list' model.
Taxpayers' interests were, on the whole, protected, as were passenger rail services, by the decision to replace Connex by the SRA-run South Eastern Trains (SET) company, the report concludes.
Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport Union at South Eastern Trains will vote over the next few weeks on whether to launch a campaign of industrial action.
The recently appointed special coordinator for the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, Erhard Busek, will visit Stockholm, Sweden today (5 March).
George Division of General Practice, one of four networks of family physicians located in the southeastern quadrant of Sydney within the jurisdiction of the South Eastern Sydney Public Health Unit, offered to participate in the study.
BABIES born at hospitals under the jurisdiction of the South Eastern Health Board are to be electronically tagged by the end of the year.
The poorest performing companies were Merseyrail Electrics (7pc worse), Connex South Eastern (5pc worse) and Connex South Central (5pc worse).
South Eastern Recycling expects to start up the first Refrakt film recycling line in the U.
Tenders are invited for south eastern mountain rescue association invites tenders for the provision of a four wheel drive first response vehicle with off-road capability.
NOVEMBER 10, 2004: A major probe into the finances of the Belfast and South Eastern Boards is to be launched after Mr Gardiner demanded to know how both authorities had overspent by pounds 5million in the past financial year.
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