South Dravidian

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a Dravidian language spoken primarily in southern India

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In this ordering, at least two geographical groups correspond with genetic subgroups: South Dravidian I (Tamil, Malayalam, Irula, Kurumba, Toda, Kota, Kodagu, Kannada, Koraga, Tulu) and North Dravidian (Kurux, Malto, Brahui).
Subrahmanyam took Emeneau's work on North Dravidian (1962), his own work on Central Dravidian (1969), and both his (1968) and Emeneau's work (1967) on South Dravidian to create an explicit statement of Proto-Dravidian subgrouping, delineating the changes step by step (1971: 505-31).
The only thing all of them have fully in common with the surrounding Dravidian-speaking population is precisely their Dravidian or, rather, their South Dravidian languages (although some of them, like the Toda, exhibit very specific features, so much so that we can speak of a Nilgiri linguistic "area").
This is the reference grammar to which linguists and Indologists alike will turn to discover numerous insights into this relatively neglected member of the South Dravidian language family.
The history of the dental and alveolar nasals in South Dravidian is complex.
The people in question are known to Kannada speakers as Jenu Kurumbas ("Honey-Kurumbas"), to the Tamils as Ten Kurumpar, to the Malayalam-speakers as Kadu Nayikar ("Lords of the Forest") or Shola Nayakar ("Lords of the Jungle"); they speak a Kannadoid South Dravidian language (which they simply designate as nanga matu "our speech"), closely related to Alu Kurumba.
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