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a native or resident of South Dakota

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They were about to lose a major NIH grant that provided valuable outreach programs for South Dakotans.
But what drove the countercultural Left to this unprepossessing South Dakotan was his unflinching opposition to the Vietnam War.
Thirty-plus years after George McGovern's failed bid for the presidency, retired librarian Ted Kneebone remains a fan of his fellow South Dakotan.
The unlikely architect of this oasis on the plains is a 53-yearold South Dakotan who is equally at home on the prairie as he has become in Washington, D.
He is in many ways the quintessential WW II hero," fellow South Dakotan Tom Brokaw said in lending his name to the Joe Foss Institute.
When then-Senate Democratic Leader George Mitchell named Daschle the first-ever co-chair of the Democratic Policy Committee in 1988, he became the first South Dakotan ever to hold a Senate leadership position.
A fourth-generation South Dakotan from the rural town of Canton, he has not forgotten his rural roots and appreciates the challenges small telcos operating in his state encounter daily in providing services to their customers.
As a fellow South Dakotan and as his colleague, it has been an honor to serve rural America alongside Jonathan.
While in the Senate-building on ground first tilled by progressive Democrats like Iowan Tom Harkin and South Dakotan Tom Daschle--a new generation of Democrats from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton are staking their leadership claims on this issue.
As for Hansen, his connection to Daschle may not help him now that the South Dakotan has vacated the Democratic leader's office.
My fellow South Dakotan, Tom Daschle, the US Senate Democratic leader, has well described the collapse of American diplomacy during the Bush Administration.
Bush, whoever stepped in range first; Wesley Clark, a retired four-star general with no domestic record to speak of and an unclear stance on the war; Stephanie Herseth, a South Dakotan representative with a lukewarm 55 percent from Americans for Democratic Action; Brad Carson, a candidate for Senate in Oklahoma with an anti-choice, pro-business voting record.
Despite an 11-percent decrease in the child death rate between 2000 and 2002, 31 out of 100,000 South Dakotan children ages 1-14 died in 2002.
From the regents' statewide conversations about issues and opportunities, four policy goals for the Board of Regents' system became evident: (1) Access--Every qualified South Dakotan shall have access to public postsecondary education; (2) Quality--South Dakota public universities and special schools shall provide a quality educational experience; (3) State Wealth--South Dakota public universities shall engage in activities designed to enhance the state's long-term economy; and (4) Efficiencies--South Dakota public universities and special schools shall continue to seek means for improving efficiency in the delivery of educational services.
But can we really imagine the South Dakotan beating Nixon that year, no matter how well he ran?
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