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a tropical arm of the Pacific Ocean near southeastern Asia subject to frequent typhoons

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The BCM, established on October 2016, was meant 'to discuss issues of concern to either side, and cooperation in the South China Sea, and identify mutually acceptable approaches towards addressing this issue,' Roque said.
So we are not being soft on China, there are ongoing bilateral talks as far as contentious South China Sea issues are concerned,' he also said.
While Trump has been seeking China's help to press North Korea, the US military has, nevertheless, been asserting its "freedom of navigation" rights in the South China Sea, at the risk of angering China.
The United States has criticised China's build-up of military facilities on South China Sea reefs and tiny islands it has constructed, concerned that they could be used to extend its strategic reach.
China claims most of the South China Sea region through which about $5 trillion worth of maritime trade passes every year.
com/south-china-sea-controversy-beijing-plans-turn-parts-paracel-islands-tourist-spots-2374952) building runways and ports on islands in the South China Sea.
China does not want to G7 talking about the South China Sea and contends that joint statement from foreign ministers is "fueling tensions"
Manila: The Philippines' call for arbitration in settling maritime disputes in the South China Sea was dealt a boost recently after the European Parliament adopted a resolution supporting such initiative.
The Department of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, hailed the resolution as a "milestone" in the Philippines' efforts to bring attention to efforts to settle the issue on overlapping territorial claims in the South China Sea, through peaceful means such as arbitration.
President Duterte will not raise the Philippines's claim in the South China Sea in his bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his four-day state visit to China.
The South China Sea issue will not be discussed specifically in our bilateral engagements in resolving the issue.
MALACANANG on Sunday welcomed the Group of Seven (G-7) declaration expressing concern over the South China Sea disputes and urging peaceful resolution in accordance with international law.
Though no individual countries were mentioned, the contents of the declaration appeared to be directed at China, which is building artificial islands with airstrips and military facilities on them to bolster its claim to almost all of the South China Sea, including waters within the territories of other claimants-Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.
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