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a native or resident of South Carolina

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Like many South Carolinians, who take pride in the fact that the blue granite walls of the State House still bear the marks left by General Sherman's cannons 120 years ago, he is a rare mixture of stubbornness and kind-heartedness.
She is fiscally ultra-conservative and has turned down federal money rather than extend Medicare to the poorest and most medically desperate South Carolinians.
Johnson, fourth on the drivingdistance stats at just under 300 yards, will be playing with the same Charleston friend he partnered in his first two years at Pebble and it could barely have worked out better for the South Carolinian as he finished seventh on his debut and won a raincurtailed AT&T last year.
Chris Landrum expected a quiet retirement when he moved to the small South Carolinian island community of Folly Beach but unfortunately murder keeps interrupting his plans.
CC: As a South Carolinian, the rice culture is an important part of my heritage.
It was also historic for Clyburn, who became the first South Carolinian and the second African-American to ascend to the third ranking position in the U.
Jim DeMint, a South Carolinian who thinks gays shouldn't be allowed to teach in public schools, and Sen.
It limps along, headed by South Carolinian Roberta Combs and serving more or less as an employment agency for her family.
Craig Messervy's gaze falls tar beyond the South Carolinian.
Lott ad-libbed praise for his fellow Republican, noting that his state voted for Thurmond when the South Carolinian ran for president in 1948 under the Dixiecrat - i.
In a telling anecdote, he relates introducing a northern nephew to a small-town South Carolinian.
Moody South Carolinian Teri (Nika Feldman) plans a road trip to NYC to hawk her punk zine "Skid Marks," taking along skateboarder b.
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