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Any readers who wish to contribute should contact Simon Cherry, script editor, Travels in Written Britain, London TV Centre, Upper Ground, South Bank, London, SE1 9LT.
Moses Pinder, 15, who attends Fartown High School, mingled with stars such as singer Heather Small, from M People, Leona Lewis, the winner of last year's X-Factor Competition, singer Omar and Michelle Dewberry from The Apprentice at the ceremony at the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London.
Quinion holds degrees from Bristol University and Polytechnic of South Bank, London.
The website's top tips for enjoying Britain on the cheap:1: London for free - visit museums and galleries 2: Get around London with a Travelcard 3: Bag a bargain in a market 4: Get a Great British Heritage Pass 5: Stay on university campuses 6: Visit pubs like Wetherspoon's for a pint under pounds 2 7: Take the National Express 8: Ride the train 9: Cruise the Thames 10: Hit the streets with London's first Walking Pass 11: Watch a Shakespeare play for pounds 5 at the Globe in South Bank, London 12: Stroll the Avenue of the Stars - Britain's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame is being created in London's Covent Garden.
Tickets from the Royal Festival Hall Box Office, South Bank, London SE1 8XX Tel: 0870 3800 400 www.
Mr Norman heard the story of the Luftwaffe pilot's lucky escape when he met Mr Schludecker, along with other surviving pilots from the KG2 bomber flight, after working on a project to recover the remains of a bomber from the flight and its pilot at South Bank, London, in 1997.
Lighting designer Spiers & Major specified Selecon's Aureol Beamshaper in IBM's e-Business marketing suite on the South Bank, London.
6 PARK PLAZA COUNTY HALL, SOUTH BANK, LONDON from PS209 per night for a family of four This Central London hotel offers a spooky kids' menu at Hallowe'en.
It runs from September 20 until October 19 courtesy of The Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London.
Readers should send details to: Simon Cherry, Script Editor, Travels in Written Britain, London TV Centre, Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9LT.
Until August 3: Olivier National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1.
Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH.
The family arrived at the attraction on the South Bank, London, looking happy and relaxed and were greeted by more than 200 people who had gathered by the river Thames.
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