South Atlantic

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that part of the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the equator

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It sent ships to extend the whaling industry to the South Atlantic and Falkland Islands in 1775, and in 1788 one of its vessels, the Amelia under Capt.
The LTE-enabled network will meet customer demands for mobile services in the South Atlantic, specifically for St Helena and Ascension Island.
Argentina s invasion of the South Atlantic islands in 1982 triggered a 74-day war that left 255 British soldiers and 650 Argentines dead.
Argentina has accused the UK of "militarising" the dispute by reportedly sending a submarine carrying nuclear weapons to the South Atlantic, something that Britain has not confirmed.
London, Rabi'I 8, 1433, Jan 31, 2012, SPA -- Britain's Royal Navy is set to deploy a new state-of-the-art warship to the South Atlantic in a move it said was unconnected to the current tension with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, dpa reported.
William, a Flight Lieutenant with the RAF, will be posted to the remote outcrop in the South Atlantic from February to March for six weeks.
Washington, Jan 5 (ANI): Using satellite tracking, a groundbreaking research has revealed the epic ocean-spanning journeys of the gigantic leatherback turtle in the South Atlantic.
September 30, 2010 -- Coca-Cola bottler South Atlantic Canners is to expand operations in Lee Country, South Carolina, it has been announced.
According to The Sun newspaper, a new naval task force comprising two ships and an oil supply tanker has been sent to the South Atlantic isles.
At a special ceremony to mark 25 years since the 1982 conflict with Argentina, a stone brought to Cardiff from the South Atlantic islands, with the name of every Welsh soldier who fell victim to the war inscribed on it, was uncovered.
Generous regulars at the Jolly Farmer's Inn, Thornaby helped boost the South Atlantic Fund, the charity for veterans of the Falklands War.
For 70 years, laws have banned killing of the North Atlantic right whale, yet the population isn't increasing, unlike that of a sister species, the South Atlantic right whale.
Clyde Fitzgerald, a 43-year veteran of the International Longshoremen's Association AFL-CIO and current President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, spoke to a well-attended Houston Chapter meeting on March 31st about the long and proud association of the US Armed Forces and the ILA, which has loaded ships on the US coast for many dedicated years.
The Swedish-Canadian mining company South Atlantic Ventures Ltd said on Thursday (3 June) that it had completed the previously announced acquisition of the Zinkgruvan mine in Sweden from Rio Tinto Group.
NOAA Fisheries issued a rule in February requiring US shrimp fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic to use larger turtle excluder device (TED) openings in their nets.
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